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The wind softly blowed my hair back and the sun beamed down on me.

Flowers of different kinds surrounded me and the soft silky grass rubbed agaisnt my legs due to the wind.

I took a step forward and looked down at myself. I was bare foot and wearing a white dress that stopped down at my ankles.

Where the hell am i? I must've died. Sheesh, what a short life I lived.

A familiar large sand colored wolf ran towards me happily. Once she reached me she jumped and placed her paws on my shoulders. She then began licking me in excitement. I felt safe and comfort being near her.

"Cloud?" I gently shoved her off of me and looked at her in confusion.

Instead of replying she darted into the surrounding woods leaving me alone and confused in the field of flowers.

"So this is where you ran off too" a gentle but firm voice said from behind. The sound of his voice sent tingles throughout my body.

I turned around and found cole standing behind me. He wore white pants but no shirt, his muscles were on display and the sun beamed down on him making him look like a god.

"What?" I blurted out. He chuckled and gently grabbed my hand and placed a kiss on the back of it causing to Tingles shoot through my arm.

I didn't pull my hand way, i couldn't. I wasn't in control of my body.

Why was he here? Why am i here? Where even am i?

I had so many questions but yet i couldn't form the words to ask them.

"Don't you remember this place?" He asked seeing my confused face. He pulls me towards him and wraps his arm around my waist. I must be hallucinating.

"This is where we had our first date" he tells me softly.

What date?

Then it hit me. Memory after memory. I remembered all the memories that me and cole shared, i remembered when he first marked me and how we became fully mated.

"I remember" i managed to say. Cole pulled back and looked down at me with a grin "it amazes me how I'm blessed with such a beautiful mate".

"Remember when i promised to protect, cherish and love you like a mate should?" He continues.

I nod my head, those words were familiar but i don't remember hearing him say that i remember those words from someone else but i don't know who.

"Im glad i was given the chance to fulfill that promise. I love you Eleanor rivera" he says and places a gentle kiss on my cheek.

Then memories of him rejecting me and of Ares claiming came into mind. This wasn't real, the memories that me and cole supposedly shared wasn't real either.

But why did it feel so real?

With all my strength i pulled away from cole, i wanted to run back in the safety of his arms and stay there forever but i couldn't.

"This isn't real. I remember the rejection" i whisper, he was still able to hear me due to werewolf hearing.

He looked at me with a pained and sad expression.

"Im sorry Eleanor. I had no choice, please believe me" he pleads.

"You rejected me and for a month after that you fucked that brunette knowing how much pain it would cause me. It hurts cole. It hurts to know that the person who was made for me by the moon goddess didn't want me" i croaked out as tears ran down my cheek.

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