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from the minute he heard sam through the comms he knew that they at least stood a fighting chance.

with each passing second more heroes arrived and success looked more likely. they came and they came and they came, all summoned by doctor stephen strange and his friend wong.

steve didn't see delilah, he didn't hear her either. she was no where. he then realized maybe there was a chance that the reversal of the snap hadn't saved everyone.

but then, just as they were about to charge, a voice rang out over the battlefield.

he didn't turn around right away, but he would recognize that voice anywhere.

"well gosh, i hope you weren't going to start without me!"

floating above everyone on the ground, she dropped down right next to steve, a smile toying on her face although they were about to go fight for their lives and the lives of many others.

she just looked at him, taking all of him on for the first time in five years. the beard was gone but he was still steve, he was still good.

"well, are you going to kiss me or not?"

he just laughed and smashed his lips against hers, despite the chaos going on around them.

"i missed you." he breathed out, just as they were about to head into battle.

"i missed you times twenty. million."

he just rolled his eyes and turned to face the onslaught of alien assaulters, weapons poised and t'chari machines of war at the ready.

"avengers!" he paused as mijolnir flew into his hands, "assemble."

delilah scoffed as she flew forward and began blasting the aliens left and right, "i want to lift the hammer!"

she kept fighting on until she reached thanos, he just sat, untouched. he wanted the gauntlet, everybody did. which confused delilah seeing as it was just an ugly metal glove that was slightly iced out, but the colors didn't even match.

he looked up to her, the glow that was streaming from her body was enough to attract attention from anything. especially bugs, which did kind of suck.

"the goddess," he addressed her, similar to her dream, "you've come back for more?"

delilah just smirked and watched him with a smug look as her eyes gleamed with beams of light.

"you know what they say. kill me once, strike one. but kill me twice, strike three." she blasted him backwards, not killing him yet, just preparing him for wanda to beat the shit out of him, "so for your sake, you probably shouldn't kill me twice."

time skip brought to you by my non air conditioned dorm room right now

"and i. am. iron man."

and that was the end of it, they had won. thanos and his army had been snapped away like they were nothing. if they had won under different circumstances, delilah definitely would've waved them away, flipped them off, or done something obscene and rude. but tony was going to die and time was fleeting.

half of his face was burnt to a new level, he just sat, slumped against the wreckage with peter, rhodey, and pepper by his side. the people he loved the most, the people he deserved to be surrounded by in his final moments.

steve just stood and watched, tears streaked down his face as they mingled with the dirt and blood that also was stuck to his skin.

it broke delilah's heart, he was so happy to win, but his happiness faded immediately as he realized how they had won.

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