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"So how you been lil sis" mason asked while he drove me and the kids to the mall

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"So how you been lil sis" mason asked while he drove me and the kids to the mall. I needed his help especially with the twins.

"I'm actually doing really good I'm very happy right now in my life" I smiled to myself thinking about how happy I am right now. I'm happy I got my husband back. Even though my kids are bad as hell I love them beyond words including Kannon. I love my parents which reminds me I need to see them. And of course my three brothers Aiden Mason and Dre that I love for always keeping me safe.

"I'm so glad to hear that. Everything okay with you and Damien I'm just checking to make sure he hasn't got crazy yet?"

"Actually everything is great with us. Yesterday he showed me he has really changed."

"What you mean?"

"Um we kind of got into a argument yesterday and I kinda hit him a lot. I mean I was so fucking pissed I snapped in there I couldn't stop once I started. He had to hold me down for a couple of minutes so I could calm down" We was at a red light and mason just looked at me like he was shocked.

"He didn't hit you back?" He asked with caution as he pulled off after the light turned green.

"Nope he just apologized for getting upset with me and basically starting the argument." When I tell you I'm proud of my baby Damien I am because I'm actually shocked he didn't hit me back.

"Shit he has changed. Thank you." I was confused as to why the hell Mason thanking me.

"Uh why are you thanking me?"

"Because you've definitely changed his mean hard headed stubborn ass."

"My baby not even that bad Mason" I said while laughing.

"Shitten me he be so miserable when y'all going through it. That nigga be in his feelings heavy."

"Awe my poor baby. Don't worry though we stuck together forever."

"I bet. You okay after everything that happened with Zena."

"I mean I can't even believe she said that shit to me. Like I was definitely hurt but I was more angry than anything. That's why I whooped her ass."

"You definitely did lil sis you fucked her up."

"I hate that she got me out my character but I let her slide way too many times."

"She deserved it lil sis. Just know your knuckle headed ass husband handled her. Shit I was scared for her." I can only imagine what Damien did to Zena I know his crazy ass fucked her up I kind of fell bad because I know he was beyond mad about finding out Kannon isn't his.

"Yeah he told me yesterday everything that happened and he was hurt and angry I just feel bad for him. He loves Kannon but I don't know what's going to happen with that whole situation."

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