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~King Ares~

With each passing day i had to watch the girl who I'm supposed to claim lay unconscious in the pack hospital.

It's been a week since she's mysteriously gone unconscious and her brother has not left her side.

He hasn't even shifted, he's been in wolf form this entire time. He doesn't even acknowledge his own mate, which is very odd.

I had called the elders and they should be coming soon today. We needed to figure out what was going on with Eleanor, and fast.

The majority of her hair is now black, only a few clumps remaind blonde.

I ran my hands through my hair in frustration and growled. My wolf was going crazy in my mind. He didn't like seeing her in this state

Since the minute we laid eyes on her, me and my wolf knew she was the one. I honestly don't know what having a mate feels like but everytime i see her my heart swells up in happiness.

I get tingles everytime i touch her and i so badly want to mark and claim her to make sure every male keeps their eyes off of her but I wouldn't dare mark her without her consent. I saw a future with her, i saw myself being happy. After going so long without anyone to love or to love me, i had grown cold and distant with others.

My parents died when i was thirteen, leaving me to rule an entire werewolf species alone. The worst part of it all was that i grew up with the knowledge that i did not have a mate waiting for me like everyone else.

I was destined to be alone. Every four year i went in search looking for someone to claim but found none, that was until i stumbled upon Eleanor.

She looked like goddess in her tight red dress and her blonde hair cascading flawlessly down her back.

The minute her grey eyes landed on mine i knew. I knew she was the one i wanted to claim as mine and declare her as queen some day.

Sad part is she doesn't feel what i do and i don't know if she ever will. We started off on a bad start and i was doing everything i can to make it right.

"Ares, get some rest" Richards voice broke me out of my thoughts.

I look over at him and frown "i can't rest, we need to find out what's happening to eleanor" i say stubbornly.

He rolls his eyes making my wolf growl in the back of my head.

"I understand how you are feeling. Seeing your mate in danger and not being able to do anything about it is one of the most horrible feelings ever. But it won't do anyone any good if you're not taking care of yourself" he tells me his voice holding a bit of sadness as he held a far away look in his eyes.

He still didn't know about cole being her actual mate, He truly believed i was her actual mate.

I wish.

"Look i have to get back to my pack. I've been gone far to long and since Eleanor is the future queen I've gone back to being a beta" he gets up and walks to the door.

He stops in his tracks and looks back at me "since jake is refusing to leave Eleanors side he's staying, along with molly. Take care of my little girl like the mate she deserves" he says before walking out of my office.

'The elders are here, i sent them to your office' Elijah mind-links me.

'Thanks' i reply.

The elders consisted of five people. The first elder was a hybrid of a werewolf and vampire. The second elder was just a regular vampire, the third was a werewolf, the fourth was a witch, and the fifth was a human.

They've all lived for centuries, which makes them very old.

A guy who looked about 6'2 and in his twenties walked in first. He was very buff, tan skin, and curly brown hair on top of his head. Freckles littered his cheeks and his large green eyes that held no emotion. He was the first elder.

The second walked in revealing a short girl who also looked like she was in her twenties. She had straight fiery red hair that stopped to her shoulders and large hazel eyes that held gold specks in them. Her eyes too held no emotion.

The third elder walked in. He looked about 5'9 and in late thirties. He had short black hair with a few specks of grey and was well built. He had piercing dark blue eyes that held mischief. I could tell right away he was more laid back than the rest.

The fourth walked in revealing another short girl who looked like she was also in her twenties. She had purple hair that stopped to her waist and emotionless purple eyes.

Lastly the fifth elder, who looked about thirty walked in. He had wavy brown hair that stopped to his shoulders with dull brown eyes and was very well built but not as built as the other two men.

Only reason any of them were able to stay alive and young these years was cause of magic. Except for the vampire and hybrid, vampires naturally are immortal.

"King Ares" the first elder greeted, his voice deep and gruff.

"Please take a seat" i gestured to the couch. They quickly took a seat and looked up at me, they were waiting for me to tell them why i called them.

"Well I've finally found the girl i wanted to claim" i tell them.

"So what seems to be the problem?" The fourth elder asked as she tucked her purple hair behind her ears.

I sighed "well a week ago we were having dinner with my pack and she had to go to the restroom and when i went to check on her i found her unconscious and the smell of a human lingered on her. That same day her naturally blonde hair grew black then all the sudden her twin brother who also has blonde hair, shifted into a black wolf and hasn't left her side since. He doesn't even want his mate going near him" i explained.

They all looked at each other with excitement and asked "can we see them?".

I nod my head and led them out of the castle and to where the the royal hospital stood in the far back not far behind the castle.

Once we stepped inside i was greeted with the smell of medicine and sick wolves, making me scrunch my face up in disgust.

I led them to the room Eleanor was being held in and cautiously opened the door.

Sensing my presence jake abruptly stood up and rushed to eleanors side. He stood protectively near her and growled lowly, his ears flattening and his fur rising.

"Wow" the first elder gasped. I looked at him with worry.

"Your higness what do you know about the guardians?"


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