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~King Ares~

Wow" the first elder gasped. I looked at him with worry.

"Your higness what do you know about the guardians?" The second elder questioned.

"Uh that they're created to protect the entire werewolf species" i say uncertainly.

The first elder shuts the door creating privacy and cautiously looks at a growling jake.

"That's true. Two of them were created when the first king/werewolf of all time was created. The moongoddess created them as guardians of the king and queen and eventually were made to protect the entire werewolf species. They eventually died due to old age and the moongoddes never made any after that" he informed.

"What does this have to do with my mate?" I ask, completely unware of the fact i just called her my mate.

The elders looked at me with amuesment and excitement.

"Your mate and her brother are clearly guardians. Do you not see the symbols on their shoulder? I think something was holding them back from their true forms and when whatever had visited your mate they broke the spell" The fifth elder said and nodded his head in their direction.

I looked over at Eleanor and jake and just like they said there was the guardian symbol on their shoulder.

"Guardians have an instinct to protect and since his sister is unconscious and in potential danger that's exactly what he is doing" the third elder informed.

I looked over at jakes growling wolf and then to Eleanors unconscious form.

"So i was drawn to her because she was made to protect me?" My heart broke at that thought.

The elders chuckled "if that were the case you would have been drawn to her brother as well. Did she have a mate before you?" The first elder asked.

"Yeah he rejected her though" i tell him.

"I see. Perhaps you are her second chance mate" he says shocking me.

I look at him with wide eyes "i thought we couldn't have mates?".

He looks at me with a frown "that's what they wanted you to believe as punishment for the moongoddes but every wolf is destined to have a soulmate. She just happens to be yours, but since she wasn't in her true form she couldn't feel it at all and you could only feel it a little" he informs.

This information made me and my wolf howl in excitement. Eleanor was indeed our mate!

"Although she will still feel a faint pull towards her first mate if he isn't marked or hasn't marked anyone and vice versa. When she wakes up she'll be able to feel the bond with you and it'll be stronger than the one she has with her first mate" the first elder said.

I couldn't help but feel giddy inside, i really had a mate after all.

"Although this is exciting news. Your mate and her brothers existence only means something dark and dangerous is heading our way" the fourth elder chimed in.

"Like what?" I so desperately wanted to go to Eleanor but jake made it impossible.

"I don't know, but she should be waking up once her hair is completely black and don't waste any time with her because if something dangerous is coming our way there is no telling what will happen" the third elder says.

"This is all the information we can give you. We must leave" the first elder bows his head and leaves the room with the others trailing behind him.

I got as close to Eleanor as jake would let me and i let out a long sigh.

"My love you don't understand how happy i am. All my life i believed i wouldn't have mate and would forever be alone. When you wake up i promise to protect you with my life and to love you for all eternity. Please wake up" i whispered.


Another week has passed and her hair was finally all black, meaning she should wake up very soon.

My wolf was ready to burst in excitement as i gazed over at Eleanor. I was forced to sit in a chair over in the corner because jake wouldn't allow me to get close.

My happy moment was ruined when an angry and frantic looking cole barged into the room.

How the hell did he get through all my guards?

His hair was stuck in all directions and had bags under his eyes, he really looked a mess.

Me and jake let a threatening growl as he tries to step closer to my mate.

"How did you get here?" i growl. Cole looks at me with wide eyes "Richard told me what happened so i forced him to take me here, i had to come see my mate".

my wolf wanted him dead at the fact that he called her his mate but i kept my cool. "She stopped being your mate the minute you rejected her and fucked some whore" my anger grew at the memory of her being in pain.

Cole looked at her with sad and broken eyes "i had to, you don't understand. She was in danger if i didn't" he whispered.

I growled and lunged at him, i wrapped my hands around his neck and slammed him into the wall "by who you pig?" My eyes were glowing gold, I could feel it. I could feel the power and anger surge through me.

"I don't know. Before Eleanor realized i was her mate i had ran into some rogue and he knew eleanor very well and he threatened to kill her if i didn't reject her. So i did and i had to make it believable and so then i did the mistake by fucking that she-wolf over and over" he choked out.

I slightly loosened my hands around his neck but held him still.

"You put my mate through hell, she could've died" i growled out. My wolf wanted control but i pushed him down.

"I know, but i did it to protect her.. wait your mate?" He looked at me with anger and jealousy.

I let go of his neck, this kid was boring me and i wanted him gone.

"Yes my mate. When you rejected her i became her second chance mate" i shrug.

Cole shakes his head in disbelief "no. I was gonna get her back" he mutters to himself. He falls to his knees and places his hands over his face, his body shook as he cried.

I almost felt bad. Key word, almost.

"Ares?" A soft voice whispered. I quickly looked over at eleanor and the minute we looked at each others eyes its as if time stood still.

I mindlessly walked over to her and pulled her to me, well the best that I could seeing is she had a bunch of tubes hooked up to her. Tingles errupted throught my body and my wolf chanted 'mate' in my head.

Cole's head wipped up to look at eleanor but before he could speak the sounds of bones popping caught our attention.

A now naked jake groaned on the floor.

'Get jakes mate and bring some pants' i mind-linked dr.nelly.

Within seconds molly was running into the room frantically with shorts in her hand. She flung her body onto jake not caring that he was naked and cried into his shoulder "i missed you" she muttered.

Jake quickly put on the shorts and stood up with his arms still wrapped around his mate.

"Uh jake why is your hair black and why is he here?" She says with sadness and anger as she glared at cole.

"And how on earth are we mates?" She looks at me and her gaze softened.

"There's alot to tell you my love"


Okay tomorrow i will update another two chaptes. Hope you enjoyed!

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