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'Im sorry' her voice filled my mind.

"Cloud?" I looked at her with wide eyes. She just turned and beckoned with her head for me to follow her as she ran into the light.

Not in control of my actions i followed her into the blinding white light. The light covered me like a blanket creating a sense of warmth and safety.

Darkness consumed me and my body suddenly felt held down. I was unable to move or open my eyes.

'Eleanor' the soft familiar voice of my wolf echoed throughout my head.

'Cloud? What happened to you? Have you not been talking cause of the rejection?' I question.

Why can't i seem to move or open my eyes?

'Yes and im sorry for that. I wasn't there in the times you needed me and instead i was wallowing in my own self pity' she replied sheepishly.

'It's okay i understand. One more question though, why can't i move?' I asked desperately. It was getting irritating that i can't seem to move or open my eyes.

she didn't answer.

"Yes my mate. When you rejected her i became her second chance mate" a deep familiar voice reached my ears.

It was a voice i could listen to forever and It brought me comfort just listening to it.

It was followed by a second voice that said "no. I was gonna get her back".

That voice was slightly annoying but also alluring. I had to find out the source of the first voice, i was drawn to it like a moth to a light.

My eyes flung open. I blinked several times taking in the harsh light and regained strength in my body making it possible to move.

"Ares?" The words flung out of my mouth without even thinking.

His head whipped in my direction and the minute our eyes connected time stood still.

'Mate, mate, mate' Cloud chanted in my mind.

Within seconds he was pulling me towards him in a hug, excitement and happiness written all over his face. Tingles errupted throughout my body as his large arms wrapped around me.

It was so comforting, i wanted to stay like this forever. Suddenly the sound of bones popping and molly came rushing in with shorts in her hand.

I diverted my attention away from jake and his mate not wanting to see my brother naked....cause thats just gross.

But his black hair didn't go unnoticed, did he dye it?

"Uh jake why is your hair black and why is he here?" I asked and looked over at cole. I honestly didn't even notice him until now, his eyes looked red and puffy as of he had just been crying.

"And how on earth are we mates?" I asked as i looked back at ares.

"There's alot to tell you my love" he says gently as he tenderly pushes a pieces of hair behind my ears.

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