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The sun shined down on my face making me groan. I hated waking  up sometimes.

I slowly peeled my eyes open and looked over to my side expecting  to find Ares but instead i was met with  a simple little note on his side of the bed.

I picked up the note and smiled at the heart that was drawn on the cover.

Dear Eleanor,

Sorry you couldn't wake up to my amazing self, but some rogues were spotted near the western border so i had to go take care of it. All the cooks & maids took a day off so if you want something to eat they'll be at the pack house.

Sincerely, Ares <3

I placed the note on the nightstand and got up out of the very comfortable bed.

The cold air slapped against my skin and i quickly wrapped the blanket around me as i walked out of Ares's room and into mine. Luckily it was next door because the floor was very cold against my feet.

After washing up i put on grey sweatpants with white fuzzy socks and a black t-shirt. Nothing fancy.

Deciding i was hungry i slid on a pair of slides and threw my hair up in a pony tail and made my way out of the castle.

I didn't realize how many twists and turns i had to take in order to get to the entrance. I ended up getting lost at least three times.

Finally spotting the stairs that led to the first floor i did a quick happy dance, if anyone saw me i probably looked crazy.

I slowly made my way down the glass stairs, i was careful not trip and fall.

Two guards stood at the entrance, they stood tall and  proud while staring forward with no emotion. They honestly could be mistaken for statues.

"Your majesty! What happened to your hair?" The one on the left blurted out which resulted in a slap on the head by the other guard.

"Show some respect" the guard on the right hissed before quickly bowing his head at me.

Honestly i don't know why they address  me as 'majesty' or 'queen' when i haven't been offically welcomed to the royal pack as their queen.

"I um...dyed it" i lied. Ares told me it was dangerous to let others know what i actually am, since there have only been two in all of existence. Me and jake are the second pair to be born.

"It looks nice, it makes your eyes pop out more. Anyways king ares informed us that you would be heading to the pack house since there are no cooks today" the guard on the left says as he opens the large wooden doors.

He's quite the chatter box, aren't guards supposed to be like all silent?

"Yes i am, thank you" i made my way out of the castle and welcomed the smell of nature.

'One small problem. We don't know where the pack house is' cloud reminded.

'We'll just follow the smell of wolves' i say in a Duh tone making cloud roll her eyes.

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