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Sweat dripped down the sides of my face as the sun beamed down on me.

Ares has been forcing me to train every day for two hours, it's not that long but having to be in the hot sun makes it feel longer.

He's been having all those eligible to fight to train. He said he wanted to prepared for whats to come.

So far nothing bad has happened except that rogues keep trespassing onto our territory. Oh and also everyone knows about me and jake now.

I didn't intend for them to find out...


"Im pretty sure you pour the milk THEN the cereal" jake insisted. Only a psychopath would pour the milk first.

I look at him in disgust "get help". He scoffs and puts his hand to his chest pretending to be insulted.

"Im hurt Ela, i truly am" he mocks causing me to roll my eyes and chuck a cheerio at his forehead.

"Honestly you two are like children" molly walks into the kitchen and goes to give jake a hug. Ares was currently training his pack, i decided to take a day off.

A pang in my heart made me gasp and drop my spoon on the ground. The urge to protect was strong and i felt my wolf pushing to come out.

I looked over at jake and it looked like he felt it too cause now his eyes were gold and his claws were coming out.

The smell of a rogue filled my senses and an image of a little girl crying flashed through my mind.

"Are you guys okay?" Molly asked with concern but i wasn't paying attention.

My ears were ringing and the image of the little girl kept flashing in my mind.

A rogue must have crossed into the north side of the territory line, of course Ares wouldn't know he's all the way on the south side of the territory.

Where are the guards?

'There's a rogue on our land' i mind-linked Ares.

'Stay inside' he ordered.

Too late i was already running out of the castle with jake closely behind me.

I followed the strong smell of rogue and it led me deep into the forest. The animals of the forest were deadly silent signalling there was a predator lurking around.

The sounds of a little girl crying got louder as i neared my destination.

A loud growl errupted from deep within me, jake did the same.

Four rogues were surrounding a little girl who looked about nine. Their red eyes held malice as they got ready to attack. Wolves don't have red eyes..

A large brown wolf lunged at the girl but before he could reach her i automatically shifted into my large black wolf and lunged at the brown wolf.

I lunged into him knocking him to the ground and away from the little girl. An identical black wolf lunged at one of the rogues and sunk his teeth into it's neck and ended the rogue. Jake.

The rogues looked confused and surprised. Quickly shaking themselves out of their confused state and continued with their attack.

I killed the wolf i had just lunged at and sunk my teeth into a white wolfs hind legs, he let out a yelp in pain.

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