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"No i think it's too soon. I still don't know anything about you. You may be my second chance mate but i still need to get to know you" i tell him.

He looks at me with irritation "i waited a long time for you, i don't know if i can wait any longer".

"You'll live and if you can't respect my choice then it just proves you aren't the mate for me" i hiss before storming off.

Is sex all guys care about? Probably. Then again maybe i was being dramatic, i didn't even give him a chance to reply.

I ran into the woods and shifted into my wolf. She was pissed at her mate. It was bad enough that our first one rejected us and then fucked some bitch after that and now our SECOND chance mate is getting irritated cause i won't let him mark and mate with me.

After a while of running and chasing a rabbit i came to a stop at a large pond.

I sat down and stared at a frog that was currently sitting on a lilypad. I was so lost in my thoughts that i didn't notice cole sitting next to me.

I looked over at him and growled in warning. Why was here? Shouldn't he be back with his pack?

He let a soft whine and nudged a shirt towards me. Deciding to see what he wanted i grab the shirt and go behind a tree to shift.

I place the large shart over my small body, the smell of cole engulfed me. This was his shirt.

I walk back to the pond and sat down sticking my legs into the cool water. The water soothing my aching feet from training earlier.

"What do you want" i reply coldy once cole sits down next to me.

He lets out a sigh "look i know saying sorry won't fix everything, but you gotta understand i did it to protect you" he says. I shake my head and let out a humorless chuckle.

"What you did hurt me instead. You could have told me what happened and we would have found a way to solve our problem, together" i growl.

Why are guys so stupid sometimes?

"The day i found out you were my mate i wasn't proving to the pack that i could be a beta. I was silently trying to prove to you that i was strong and strong enough to hopefully be luna. Instead you looked at me with cold eyes and rejected me. Do you know how much that hurt? I don't know how many times i have to explain this, but you broke my heart. The one person who was supposed to love me, cherish me, protect me. You were made for me by the moongoddess herself. Why couldn't you have seen that?" I ranted. I didn't notice tears were running down my face until cole gently wiped one away.

There were faint tingles but it felt wrong for him to be touching me. Despite being mad at Ares, he's the only one i wanted to touch me...not in that way, okay maybe in that way too.

"I was so proud of you Eleanor. In that moment i knew you would make a good luna, but i was scared. When that rogue threatened you i was so scared to get you hurt so instead of being smart about the situation i did anything i could to push you away from me. I didn't think The king of werewolves would swoop in and end up being your second chance mate. But there's still hope for us, i haven't marked anyone and you haven't been marked. Im trying to make things right" he says with desperation in his voice.

I shake my head. I couldn't do that to Ares. He grew up thinking he wouldn't have a mate and was so happy to find out i was his mate, to take that away from him would make me as cruel as Cole.

"Cole i can't trust you. I could've died from the pain of you fucking someone else, and you knew the risks when you did it. Im not gonna be those stupid girls who ends up going back to the asshole who hurt them" i stand up but before i could go anywhere im quickly pinned to a tree.

"You can try to run from the fact that im your first true mate. I will not stop fighting to get you back, because you are mine Eleanor Rivera" he growls lowly in my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

I place my hand on his shoulders and bring my knee up and knee him where the sun does not shine.

He let out a cry and falls to the floor cluthing his crotch. I smirk, stupid alpha.

"I am no ones. You rejected me cole, so therefore im no longer your mate" i growl before shifting and running off.

I came here to cool off not get more mad. Plus why isn't he with his pack? Especially since one of them was murdered by a rogue. He should be with them in their time of need, stupid alpha.


"Okay so you're telling me that you kneed cole in the dick?" Jake let out a loud laugh. "Language, jake" molly scolds.

I had told jake what happened cause he could feel my anger and would not stop bothering me about it.

"Yeah. He deserved it" i reply. Jake lets out another laugh that could be heard throughout the entire castle.

"What's so funny?" Ares asks as he enters in the living room. We were currently in the pack house because jake and molly sleep here and i wanted to see them. I didn't know Ares followed me though.

"Ela kneed Cole in the crotch" Jake hollars. Ares raises an eyebrow and looks at me "why?" He asks.

"Reasons. Why was he here?" I ask changing the subject.

"Because i needed to discuss the whole rogue issue with him. If i had known he would try to bother you i wouldn't have invited him" he growls.

"Anyways i need to talk to you love" Ares grabs my hand and leads me outside and away from listening ears.

"Look im sorry. I respect your choice, i shouldn't make you do something you don't want to. You say you don't know me but how about we get to know each other" he places a hand on my cheek and looks into my eyes.

"Eleanor Rivera will you go on a date with me this Friday?" He asks nervously.

I pull him in for a hug , it takes him a second to register what happened before he hugs back.

"Of course"


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