Chapter 1- The Beginning

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It was another calm, cool night for the Redwood clan. Talula was heading out for the first nights scouting for food and guarding the territory as normal, leaving her egg in the care of her lover Tera. A strong Gargoyle with a voice as loud as thunder yet the heart of a child.

The moon was barely in the sky that night, making the night sky shimmer with stars that replaced the bright moon. The open trees from a starting fall made visibility that much greater than normal nights. What the grey-blue gargoyle lacked in gliding, or wings at all, she made up in powerful legs. Best huntress and guard in the clan, making her very valued among the more younger guards.

Talula was much more faster or advanced to climbing, running, or even launching herself from tree to tree than her adoptive brothers and sisters, with such speed and strength where was little to no competition on who was faster, just meant that protecting her home, her family, was an easier chore than others. Many of the clan itself where unnerved as fall came. Food was becoming scarce and cover less vailable. With the introduction of new eggs many where becoming aggressive to each other. Willing to fight for food if they had to yet the elders did all they could to keep the peace.

Walking along side Talula was a new member not only to the guard but to the clan all together. It was silent except for leaves and twigs crunching under their feet, the small chirp of crickets or slight 'Hoo' off in the distance. It was nice to say the least.

"Nice night ain't it kid." Talula's voice rasped the night air. A strap held her spear on her back as she walked. The new gargoyle seemed startled. His wings puffing out as he looked at her nervously. "Y-Yeah.." Talula just looked him from the corner of her eye, she knew something was off about him. The boy just looked around, fumbling with his own spear. "So what made you join our tribe anyway." He looked over. Nervousness writen all over his face as if he knew something, "M-My old tribe kicked me out. T-They do that with m-males.." She only made a soft hum as they continued on in silence.

Time passed and the two started to head back on their way to the tree to switch shifts. Talula sniffing the air softly and holding her hand up to him, a signal for him to stop while she climbed a tree. Near the top she looked out among the rolling hills and saw her deepest nightmare had become a reality. The tree that the clan stayed at was burning. Dread swelled in her chest whilst the hoped down branch to branch till she reached the bottom.

"KID!! COMMON WE GOTTA GO!! NOW-" she was quickly choaked from behind. Though with her strong legs of hers she simply launched herself off the tree she had leaped from. It knocked the boy over into a closer tree and knocked him out clean.

Getting up she growled, looking at him. "Kid, if you're up to this you better hope I dont find you again." Taking off back to the tree while animals ran opposite of her. Birds flew through the trees along with very few gargoyles. The trees glowed orange and yellow. Ambers danced through the trees from the fire. Jumping out of the bushes she came to a new horror. Gargoyles where dropping from the skys like flies.

"TERA!? TERA!!" Talula looked desperately for him only to rush into the tree of pure fire herself. Climbing from burning wall to the next while floors crumbled around her. "Tera!!" She had finally made it to the egg chaimber floor where her once lover layed, protecting their egg. "Tera.. No..." she layed her hands onto his arms. A soft cry left her lips before one of the nearby walls finally gave way, sloping the roof. Talula knew she had to leave. She quickly grabbed their egg and ran to the door, looking over her shoulder as she mumbled "I will avenge you..."

Running through the halls the ducked, bobed, and weaved through collapsed walls and floors. Gasping a beam fell onto her back, burning where her wings should have been. She roared, pulling herself out and looking around. A thin wall sat between her and freedom, whimpering she ran quickly, bashing her head into the wall causing it to break. While falling Talula could only think of her death was playing in slow motion, her fall being interrupted by a cold chill incasing her body. She had fallen into the canal that ran next to the tree, yet the currents pulled her down deeper into the water and further from the burning tree. The last thing she heard was the roar of her fellow gargoyles before passing out due to the cold, clutching her egg close to her chest.

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