Chapter 10: Want To Go? Lets Go :)

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Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V

My smiled remained, as did Mike's. "He's really sweet.." I thought to myself. He had a lot of manners for an Octoling, which I found surprising. Not long after, I felt my phone vibrate. I whipped it out and looked at the notification and read it. "Who is it?" Mike asked curiously. I smiled at him, "Jake and Isabel. Remember them?"

They are two of my best friends that I've known since I was young. The three of us grew up in the same hometown and we gradually became close. I've had plenty of other friends lately, but I left them on the fact that they were just using me. Isabel is the friend that I act "girly" around, and Jake is just a best friend, a great guy. They actually ended up together and have been dating for quite some time now. But they're both great people to talk to.

"Yea I do, wasn't it like in the first week I got here?" He asked thinking about it. I confirmed his question, quickly going to the trash bin to throw out my coffee cup and returning back to my seat. "Yea, we haven't hung out in a while. I guess they were busy." I shrugged. I wasn't exactly sure what they were doing this whole time, but probably they're own separate things. "Do you want to come with us?" I asked curiously. He looked at me, his head turning sideways, before a small smile formed on his face. "Yea I'm down." He nodded.

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V

We got up from the table after cleaning up our mess and headed out. "Where are we meeting them?" I asked following behind. She turned her head back to look at me and it felt like my heart jumped when we met eyes. She smiled sweetly, "We're meeting them at Arowana Mall." 

When she said the location, I inhaled deeply and let out a small sigh. "We're going to spend all day there aren't we..?" I laughed awkwardly. She let out a giggle, covering her mouth with one hand, "I'll try my best to not drag you all over the place." I thought about it for a moment, rubbing my chin. I mean, I didn't mind if she did. As long as I'm not alone. Plus I enjoy having her company, and that's what I told her.

Another small blush appeared on her face, and looked away flustered. "I-If you say so," She stuttered. I looked at her curiously, my face warming up as well. I knew Sarah was a serious inkling, so seeing her blush and look flustered was simply adorable. 

We made our way to the mall, walking for a couple of minutes and talking along the way. I know we literally hang out everyday, even at home, but still I can't help but cherish every moment with her.  Seeing her laugh and walking beside her while she wears the cutest outfits, it makes me feel like I'm in a dream.

I don't know exactly what it is I'm feeling, since I've never felt it before. But I know it's a strong emotion that I feel whenever I'm with her. My stomach feels nervous, my heart accelerates, and my hands tremble often. I can't seem to not blush whenever I'm with her or when we talk. I enjoy every second I'm with Sarah and any problems that I may have wash away. I simply can't stop smiling. Maybe..this is love..? No it's different right?

"Hey Mike, are you ok?" Sarah asked. She had ducked down to look at my eyes since I had my head down. I jumped up nervously and shook my head vigorously, "Y-Yea I'm fine!" My blush deepened. "I was just thinking things over hehe." I scratched the back of my head. Sarah continued to look straight at me, blinked once and nodded. "Alright thenn!" She laughed, "Let's go!"

Agent 3's (Sarah's) P.O.V

Mike looked down, so I asked if he was ok. Mike looked nervous and flustered, and he claimed that he was ok, but I'm still curious as to what he was thinking about. I shook the thought of the head, not wanting to force him to tell me. "Let's go!" I smiled widely at him, to reassure him and make him feel comfortable. If he's comfortable, then so am I. Mike gave me a sincere happy look, which made my heart flutter, and I grabbed his hand. I ran afterwards, dragging the Octoling behind me who was chuckling along the way.

We arrived a couple of minutes later, being greeted by my two close friends, Jake and Isabel.

"Sarah! Mike!" Isabel waved happily from a distance, holding Jake's hand tightly. I waved back, just as enthusiastically. Though I haven't bothered to let go of Mike's hand, and hopefully he doesn't mind or find it weird. Mike and I walked in the direction of the couple (who've been dating for about a year and a half now), and looked around in the meantime.

At a distance, a group of inkling girls standing outside one of the stores. They were whispering to each other while glaring at me and Mike. My face began to feel hot and slowly let go of Mike's hand. I looked over at him as I did this and seemed a bit disappointed. It hurt my heart to see him like that, especially since I can feel myself catching feelings for the octoling. Though other inklings wouldn't find it acceptable. I sighed, and walked ahead Mike, who was now confused.

Isabel and I hugged, greeting each other. Mike and Jake fist-bumped, both smiling.

For the rest of the day, the four of us hung out. We walked into a couple of stores trying to look for cute outfits. Well Isabel and I were, the boys were just kinda following us. We went to the food court, got some ice cream, continued shopping and had a fun time.

Agent 8's (Mike's) P.O.V

Being with Sarah is really the best thing, and it made it better considering that two other inklings that I know were accompanying us too. As we shopped and ate, I saw inklings pointing at me, glaring at me. Some had confused faces, others looks of disgust, as well as looks of shock. I guess you can say octolings aren't really common here. The jellyfish clerks were nice to me though, so it made me feel accepted in a way. I didn't care about whatever anyone else thought about me. Yes I'm an octoling. Yes I'm here in Inkopolis. Yes I will not leave here.

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