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"Xiao!" You yelled out into your apartment, desperately looking through your jewelry box. "Hey! Chengxiao! I know you're home!"

"I am, but I am also terrified," her voice came from your doorway, and you turned around to see her peeking just her head in.

Standing up, you had your hands on your hips, "Did you take my earrings too?"


"My silver and opal earrings that were in my jewelry box yesterday morning but have mysteriously disappeared."

"Uhm," she touched her ears nervously, and that's when you saw the silver flash on her lobes.

"You did!"

Chengxiao hurried to take them out and give them back to you, "Here, here. Sorry, I forgot to put them back."

You took a deep breath, well aware of how stressed and snappy you were being right now. The fact that you were going to a red carpet event with Dong Sicheng and you were the first person to ever get an interview with him might just be getting to you.

"Sorry, it's okay. Thanks for giving them back," you shook your head, leaning in front of your mirror to put them in your own lobes.

"So what are you wearing?" Your friend started looking through your closet.

"Uh, my only nice dress."


"Y/N?" Another familiar voice called for you, and it sounded like it was coming from your front door.

Your heart leapt to your throat as you thought that Sicheng might be here. He wasn't supposed to pick you up for another hour, and you were nowhere near ready.

"In my room!" You cried back out to Xuanyi, rushing to pull out your dress and heels.

She appeared in your room as well, looking almost relieved, "Oh good, you haven't left yet."

"Nope, not for another hour," you were definitely the most relieved, your blood pressure already going back down.

"I got something for you!" Xuanyi held out a plastic bag towards you.

You accepted it with a happy confusion, pulling out the contents. It was a dark black clutch with silver accents, that would go with most anything you could possibly wear. You looked back up at her, waiting for an explanation as to the sudden gift.

"So I can finally have my clutch back," she explained, snatching it from the top of your dresser, where Chengxiao had returned it after her date last night.

With a chuckle, you thanked her, and resumed your process of getting ready, accompanied and assisted by your roommates. You'd just adjusted your hair in your mirror when you heard Chengxiao yell out your name. Rushing out of your room, you saw her holding your phone out to you.

"WinWin says he's here."

"His name is Sicheng, I have no clue how or why people started calling him that. He hates being called WinWin, actually."


"Yeah, I learned that the hard way yesterday," your eyes habitually rolled as you recalled the memory.

You grabbed your phone from her hand and headed for your door, throwing a goodbye over your shoulder to your friends.

On the sidewalk outside your apartment building, you spotted a sleek black car parked just a few feet away. The window of the backseat rolled down just enough to reveal a set of familiar eyes. You walked over to the car, the door being thrown open from the inside.

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