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Quietly closing the studio door behind you, you crept closer to the set, bouquet of carnations in hand. There was a buzz around the set, where the filming of the last scene was about to commence. Everyone was there, from personal assistants to cameramen to stylists to stars to guest stars to lighting and sound crew. Everybody. Your eyes scanned the larger-than-normal crowd, looking for one person.

"Hey, Y/N!" Xukun waved to you from across the studio, picking up his pace to jog over to you.

You met him halfway, "Hey, Xukun. Where's Sicheng?"

"He was right behind me," the actor turned to peer around behind before focusing back on you with a shrug. "But I guess he had somewhere else to be. Makeup, maybe. Anyway, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say those flowers aren't for me."

"No, there not," you admitted, feeling a little silly now. "Do you think he'll like them?"

"Since they're from you, absolutely," your friend gave you an encouraging smile, patting your shoulder. "I'll help you look for him."

"You must have something you need to be doing right now."

"You know me too well. I'm hiding from Director Xiaojun's assistant director right now, actually."

"Out in the open? You're a giant, I don't think—"

"Mr. Cai! Mr. Cai Xukun!" A small and stern man came out of nowhere, and the actor rolled his eyes.

"That worked really well," you commented, very amused as the new arrival latched onto the much larger man's arm.

"There you are! Director Xiaojun is looking for you, you know."

Xukun sighed, "I'll see you later, Y/N. Like I said, you might want to look in Makeup first."

"Thanks, have fun, Xukun."

"Oh, buckets of it."

The assistant director had lost his patience and yanked your friend away from you, followed by whines of pain from him. Shaking your head at the normal antics between Xukun and the serious and attentive Assistant Director Lin, you made your way further into the studio.

You had just approached the door to Makeup when it was thrown open. Your breath caught in your throat for a second as you gave the figure a full and shameless look from head to toe.

Sicheng was in his character's signature brown boots, black jeans, and worn leather jacket. In fact, not much was different, other than his bloodied face and the look he was giving you back. Suddenly you were reminded not only of the bouquet in your hands and the nicer-than-normal clothes you were wearing, but of how genuinely attractive Sicheng really was. There was a reason the media was calling him the Nation's Heartthrob, after all.

"You look nice," he finally spoke up, and you took a step back from him to give yourself breathing room again.

"You said party, so I—I don't know."

"It'll work. I mean, it's good, Y/N."


Sicheng cleared his throat, playfulness returning to his tone as he asked, "Those flowers for Xukun?"

"Considering I just talked to him and they're still in my hands, no."


"Not for her either."


"No," you huffed, a small pout coming to your face as you realized what he was playing at. "Don't make me say it."

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