Term 29

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"J-Jin hyung, I need to talk--"

Everyone's, except for Jin who is currectly in the kitchen, head whips around at the sound of the new found voice in the room, the person that enters the living room seems to notice them too as he stops mid-sentence and halts his steps to look at all of them.

He scans the familiar faces of his four friends, of course not without avoiding Taehyung's gaze, before he looks at the two unknown males currently sitting next to one another.

He raises an eyebrow at the curly haired blonde with a hoodie over his head, before looking at the pale black haired male next to him that has his mouth slightly opened as he stares at him.

He has no idea who they are, but feels like he kind of knows the one with the black hair, he looked so familiar, maybe he's one of the other guy's friend that he's seen before?

The end up in a accidental staring match, Jimin staring and wondering who this guy reminded him of - the makeup throwing him off - and why he suddenly felt shy at his gaze, and Yoongi unintentionally gawking at Jimin's entire look.

Namjoon looks over at Yoongi and couldn't even blame his friend for staring, this guy took Halloween on a whole scale with how he is dressed right now.

He has his black hair styled up in the air exposing his forehead, what looks like a white dress shirt under a sparkly jacket with tassles on the shoulders, tight black pants with a belt and black dress shoes.

Shit, even he was staring though he was not really interested in him.

Yoongi only catches himself staring and breaks out of the small match when one of the guys, Hoseok he's presuming without actually turning around, calls out loudly in a cheer.

"Jimin, you finally made it!"

"Hey, Hoseok hyung." Jimin gives him a half smile, waving at him before walking over into the living room where everyone is seated.

"Wow, Chim, you look good." The male named Chunyoo declares, giving him a thumbs up. "I told you you could pull off the prince look."

"Thanks." He smiles.

"I bet you'll get alot of girls at the party tonight, man. Try to finally land a girlfriend."

Jimin seems to laugh a little nervous at the statement, scratching the back of his neck "Yeah...."

"Jimin--" Taehyung tries, but the other cuts him off.

"Where's Jin hyung? I need to talk to him."

"In the kitchen as usual." Jungkook speaks for the first time in forever, Yoongi and Namjoon looking over at him, they could've sworn the kid was mute with how silent he was the entire time.

Jimin nods and goes to walk off, but Hoseok stops him in realization.

"Ah, Jimin! We didn't introduce you to Taehyung's friends over there." He starts, he points at Namjoon first. "That's Namjoon-ssi, and the other one next to him is Yoongi-ssi."

Everything just seems to have frozen for Jimin, his legs just seemed to not want to move, the room goes completely silent, all he could hear is his heartbeat thumping in his ears and he just didn't know why- or rather, refused to know why.

He turns around to face the group and feels like he's about to throw up when locking gazes with who he now knew was Yoongi, his stomach suddenly feeling super unsettled and uneasy.

He swallows hard, looking at the man who sits next to Taehyung.

"Y-Yoongi hyung...."

His heart suddenly squeezes at the fact that they are sitting so close to one another, even though they weren't touching eachother he still felt some type of way recalling the they said about one another.

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