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Sophia's POV
The drive was 7 hours long and we were only 2 hours in. Titus drove while I sat in the passenger seat. Brody and Jacob sat in the back.

We walk into the garage while Brody and Jacob carried our bags. My jaw dropped to the floor. It was a large garage and the cars ranged from Corvette Stingray to Teslas.

"How the fuck do you have so many cars?" I gasp at Titus. There was at least 16 cars.

"Well we all share this garage so they're not all mine. The Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron, Corvette Stingray, and Tesla are mine. Brody and Jacob each have 6," he said. There was a range of colors but all the ones Titus pointed out were black.

"As you can see Titus loves expensive cars and black," Jacob laughs. "They all have names."

"You name your cars?" I ask.

"Obviously not this fucking joker is trying to frame me," he says pointing at Jacob. We all laugh.

"You better love me more than your cars," I said fake pouting and crossing my arms. He grabbed me by the waist and kissed me.

"Of course not I only love you, and the Tesla, but mostly you," he says. I heard a few chuckles from them behind us. I scoff and slap his chest. "I'm just playing."

"Dude get a room I almost saw you get Sophia naked. I've seen to much today already," he laughs.

"Today you wanna see more of that?" Jacob asks him. I roll my eyes and shake my head.

"If we don't leave now we're going to be late," I said.

"So the Alpha Meeting is 4 days. Every night there's a dinner with everyone. On the first day, tomorrow, it's basically a chill day we can meet till later that night. There a huge ball, that's what the two dresses I packed are for. The second night there's a Meeting where we address problems we have in our packs. The third night we see what we can talk about solutions to those problems. The 4th night we go on a huge run then we feast. The fifth day we leave," Titus starts to explain. I'm going to meet so many Lunas and Alphas.

"I think I'm gonna be out of place. I mean these rulers have been ruling their pack for years. I haven't done anything to help the pack," I said.

"That's partially my fault. I always did your work so you didn't have to do it," Titus says putting his hand on my leg.

"Why I'm supposed to contribute to this pack," I say. He shrugs and looks at me and smiles. "Hey look at the road."

"I like to spoil you. Make my mate feel comfortable. You've been here for 6 months already. I didn't want to throw you into it straight away," he said. I watch the trees zip by.

There was fresh snow on the road but it had stopped snowing. The car left tracks in the snow.

"Ya know I always did my father's Beta work. I thought it was fun," I say casually. I could see Brody gasp in the side mirror.

"Fun? Beta work here is far from fun. He loads my desk up with so much work," he accused Titus. He laughs and shrugs.

"Fine I'll consider giving you some work when we get back," Titus said. I smile and I hear Brody groan.

"If y'all share an office, y'all are never going to get any work done," Brody groans. I heard Jacob snicker and my face turned a beet red.

"I call dibs on not sharing a room with Sophie and Titus," Jacob calls out quickly.

"We're all getting our own rooms dumbass. Since they're mates they get their own room," Brody explained rolling his eyes. I snicker a little and adjusts my chair and lean it back.

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