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I rummaged through my closet of what to wear for my date, but the problem is he didn't tell me what we were gonna do, just that its a surprise.

So as you can see im struggling to find something to wear.

"Wear this" jake holds up a trash back and i roll my eyes, "really jake?".

"What? It's the perfect thing to wear. Just create some arm holes and another one for your head" he says with duh tone.

"Don't be ridiculous, she's not wearing that" molly scolds and grabs the trash bag from jake.

I let out a chuckle and continue looking through my closet, i had only two hours to get ready.

"I don't need Ares getting any dirty thoughts about my sister" he whines making molly roll her eyes and says "Stop being a baby".

Jake scoffs "baaabbbee how could you say that?" He folds his arms and pouts. "I swear, sometimes it feels like im mated with a two year old" she mutters before walking into the closet with me.

"How about you wear this?" Molly holds up a white dress for me to see. "It's simple but cute at the same time" she gushes.

I swear jake is changing her, she used to be deathly quiet when i first met her and now she's become a social butterfly.

I put on the dress molly suggested with black sandels.

Molly helps curl my black hair and pins the sides to the back. Next she applies mascara and red lipstick to my face.

I didn't want alot of makeup on my face, i was never one to wear alot of makeup. Once molly is done helping me get ready i had five minutes left to spare.

I excuse myself and go to the restroom that was connected to my room. I look in the mirror at my appearance and take a deep breath.

It's crazy to think that not too long ago i was just a regular girl. Now im going to be the future queen of all werewolves and the king is my secone chance mate. Oh and can't forget that me and jake are also guardians of the werewolves.

It's sad to think that me and Cole could've had a happy life together but he decided to ruin that. Its okay though, I've made my peace with it. Plus i have a much better mate, Ares.

I couldn't help but think of what my mother told me: "You can't have both, you must choose and choose wisely. For one will lead you to happiness and the other will lead you to heartbreak".

I still didn't know what it meant, perhaps it meant cole and Ares, But didn't fate do that for me already?

It paired me up with Ares after cole rejected me. So why would i need to choose?

With one last glance i walk out of the restroom and follow jake and molly to where Ares was waiting.

Ares stood at the bottom of the glass stairs. He wore a white button up shirt with black jeans and black dress shoes, and his brown hair was pushed to the side by gel.

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