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Sophia's POV
We got up out of bed to get ready for the dinner tonight. I dug through my suitcase and found a pink off the shoulder dress.

"Did you pack any shoes for me?" I ask Titus. He nods and hands me a bag. I looked in and saw to many pairs of shoes.

"Why did you pack so many??" I ask. He shrugs.

"I wanted you to have choices," he said. I pick out a gold heels and took my makeup bag out of my bag.

"Why do you need makeup you look better without it," Titus says coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my body. He rested his chin on my shoulder. He was wearing and dress shirt and pants.

"You want me to go into a whole dinner with Alphas and Lunas around the United States with no makeup on? Well you thought wrong," I said starting it.

"You would stand out more," he says.

"Yeah I would be the only one there who didn't have the decency to put on any makeup," I said. I took another 20 minutes then there was a knock at the door. I put on the finishing touches to my lipstick and Titus opened the door.

Brody and Jacob walked in. The were wearing dress shirts and jeans with boots.

"Boots? Really? I question. They shrug and I roll my eyes.

"It smells like sex in here," Jacob comments. My face immediately heated up and I looked away from them. The room was sound proof but not smell proof. I quickly took my perfume and sprayed it across the room.

"I think we should get going," Brody said. I set my perfume back down and grabbed my purse.

"Alright I'm ready," I said. We walked through the large pack house and found the ball room. Guards were posted on either side of the door. I felt waves of power in the room. Each Alpha trying to fight for dominance in the room.

I could feel Titus exerting his dominance like everyone else. There was so much food and so many tables. Titus chose a table with several plates of food on it.

"We can just eat and leave," he whispers to me. I nod and filled my plate up with food. There was several people already eating. People came by with drinks. I took a glass of water and handed Titus a cup of whiskey.

"We only need to greet people tomorrow," he explains to me. He picked my fork up and scooped up some food and held it up to my mouth.

"I told you a million times I can eat by myself," I said.

"I know," he shrugged and kept the fork held up to my mouth. I ate the food and he kept feeding me until My plate was empty.

"Do you want more?" He asks. I shake my head but he filled my plate up again and held the filled fork to my mouth.

"I'm not hungry anymore," I lied. I didn't want to eat like a pig in front of everyone so I just settled with one plate.

"Well you had one plate and you're pregnant. You eat 3 plates at home," he says.

"Why did you expose me like that?" I pout and take another bite. The food was great but Titus has not eaten yet.

I took a plate and filled it up with food and grabbed a fork and filled it with food.

"Eat," I said putting it up to his face. He shook his head.

"I'm supposed to be feeding you. Not the other way around," he said.

"Well then eat because you haven't taken a single bite yet," I said. He held my hand and moved the fork to his mouth and took a bite.

"Hey Sophia," I heard from behind me. A familiar voice. I turned around and saw my brother standing there next to Terry. His Gamma was a familiar face, Scott Dean. Titus pulled me close to him after seeing my rejected mate.

Did James know? Did he know that I'm not really his sister. How the hell do we look so alike. Maybe it's a placebo effect and because everyone thought we related.

"Did you know that I'm adopted?" I ask softly. I didn't saw any greetings or and special hellos. Terry's eyes widened. So I guess it was news to him but James' eyes filled with sorrow.

"Yeah I did." My brother. Or should I even call him that. He lied to me for 18 years. Everyone did. Who can I trust anymore. These past months have been filled with lies.

"And you didn't tell me?" I ask. I should have listened to Titus and not have worn any makeup because if I cry right now my makeup will run.

"Mom and Dad made me swear not to tell you," he said. I could see regret in his eyes. Tears well up in my eye and I quickly wiped them away.

"And you listened to them," I whisper. I grab my purse and quickly walk out of the ball room. I didn't sense anyone follow me out. I was half relieved but also hurt that Titus didn't come after me.

I went down the hall that I thought was our hallway but I was wrong. I kept taking wrong way and I ended up just sitting in the hallway. I let out a sniffle and wipe my tears from my face.

I heard footsteps come down the hall and I quickly grabbed my purse and got up.

"Sophia are you okay?" I heard Ryan ask. I turn around and shake my head and sniffle.

"Titus is looking for you. He asked me to come find you," he said. "I can bring you to him."

I nod and flowed him through the maze again. I saw Titus waiting for me nervously. He saw my face and he cane up to me and gave me a hug.

"Let's go," he whispers into my ear. "Thank you for finding her Ryan.

He picks my up bridal style and I lean into his chest, careful not to smudge my makeup on his shirt. He unlocks the door and sets me down on the bed.

"It was all a lie," I say. My breath wavers and my breathing became uneven. He sits next to me and caresses my cheek with his thumb. "They all lied to me."

"Shh it's okay," he says soothingly. I get up quickly and grab a makeup wipe and wipe all my makeup off.

"Can you help me unzip my dress?" I ask him. He stands up and helps me. I totally forgot I wasn't wearing a bra. I saw Titus' eyes darken as he looked at me in the mirror. I saw him force his wolf down and he took a deep breath.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asks. I grab a shirt out of my bag and put it on.

"Talk about what. That my parents hid the biggest secret they could ever hide from me?" I snap. I sit down on the bed and sigh.

"Think about Tala. When are you going to tell her you adopted her and that her birth mother thought she was a mistake," he said.

"I'll tell her when she's ready," I said.

"And when will she ever be ready to hear that. She's seen her mom leave but she hasn't comprehend it yet," he said. "When in your life are you ever ready to hear that you're adopted?" I shrug trying not to show that he had a point.

"I know you feel betrayed right now but your parents were doing what was best for you," he says. I nod and sip a final tear off my cheek.

"Charlotte told me Tala is asking for you," he said. I smile at the thought of her. She's not next in line for Alpha though. Not born with our blood but she still means so much.

"I noticed you're starting to show," he said pointing to my stomach.

"Are you calling me fat?" I say fake offended.

"Of course not but our baby is starting to show." He lifts up my shirt and he was right. A small bump had started. He lightly kissed my stomach.

"I love you so much," he whispers.

"Are you talking to me or the baby bump?" I ask chuckle. He chuckles and smiles.

"Of course I was talking to both of you," he smiles with a devious fling in his eyes. He flings me over his body and I was straddling him. He sits up and kisses me.

"Just looking at you with me makes me aroused," he whispers in my ear. He takes my ear in his teeth and smiles against my ear. A feeling started to grow in my heat. I feel his fingers start to work it's way into my underwear.

"You're so wet for me," he groans.

"All I want is you."
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