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Sophia's POV
The commotion outside in the hallway woke me up. I groaned and turned in the bed and saw that Titus was getting ready for the day.

"Why didn't you wake me up?" I ask, quickly sitting up realizing that I have meet everyone today. I fling of the blanket and wash my face quickly in the bathroom.

"I didn't wake you because we have time, and I thought I would let you get a little rest," he explains. I wipe my face with a towel that had his scent all over it.

"That doesn't matter it takes time to make me look approachable." I always look half dead in the morning and I'm making an impression today.

I dig through my suitcase and pick out a dress. I wouldn't wear it to a dinner party but it was a casual dress. I go back into the bathroom and comb through my hair a few times. I didn't like how it poofed up in the mornings. I go back out and see Titus fixing his fair using the vanity mirror.

"Titus you can do that in the bathroom. I need to do my makeup now," I said nudging him out of the way. I heard him chuckle. His voice is always deeper in the morning. Not like I'm complaining or anything.

"You're bossy in the morning," he laughs giving me I smile.

"You haven't noticed? You literally see me in the morning almost everyday." He shakes his head and walks into the bathroom.

I did my makeup to match my dress. I take my black spaghetti strap and shorts off and pull my dress on. I try to zip my dress but unfortunately, my arms don't bend that way.

"Do you need me to help you?" He asks from behind me. I sheepishly nod but I don't feel my dress tighten.

"First say sorry for being bossy to me this morning," he says. I shake my head.

"You're just not used to have people tell you what to do. You need to learn if you're going to have me in your life," I said. He gasps and puts his hand over his heart fake hurt.

"Fine then the back of your dress is not getting zipped up," he contradicted. I shrug with a cheeky smile on my face.

"Okay I bet there are a lot of Alphas outside that can help me," I shrugged and reached for the door handle. He let out a huff and I felt him zip up my dress. I smile and turn back around.

I heard him grumble to himself but I just ignored him. I picked up my perfume bottle but his hand covered mine and put it down.

"I don't want other males to smell you," he says being overly protective. I roll my eyes and spray it anyway.

"And you have cologne on and I'm not complaining about how other she-wolves could smell you," I shrug. He lets out a irritated huff.

"You don't want Terry smelling me?" I question him. I saw him look away and clench his jaw. I sigh and take his cheek in my hand.

"I don't want that bullshit of a mate. I love you," I whisper. He leans into my touch and nod. I peck him on the lips and grab socks out of the pocket of the suitcase. I dig through the bag of shoes he packed and found ankle boots.

I held on to Titus' arm to help stable myself as I put them on. I heard a knock on the door and I opened it and saw Brody.

"Y'all take to long to get ready," he laughs. I roll my eyes and grab my purse.

"Well you can blame Titus for not waking me up," I grumble and off the light. Out hallway was connected to the common area so it was quite loud.

"There are at least 21 packs from all over the United States," Jacob whispers to me. I let out a yelp because he came out of no where.

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