nine: Trainer

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"You look dead" sky commented as she sat down on your bed.

You groan, burying your face into your pillow and pulling the blankets over your head.

"Come on, get up" sky said, trying to yank the blanket off of you but failing.

"No. I'm sick" you fake coughed and Sky rolled her eyes. It was silent for a moment, you peeked your head out of your blanket until you heard a loud war cry. Sky jumped onto you, and you screamed as she tried to discard the blanket off you.



Sky got off you and walked to the end of your bed as she lifted half of the blankets, exposing your feet and legs, she took hold of your ankles and yanked you down.

"No! Let me sleep!" You cried.


"Come on cheer up" sky nudged your arm as you both were heading to your class. You pouted and huffed.

"Quit sulking you, baby."

You ignored your friend and turned the corner, walking into your Art class. You sat at your designated seat and pulled out your earphones, putting them in each ear, you laid your head on the desk.

Sky sighed.

"Is she okay?" One of your classmates asked Sky. Sky stared at Seungmin, who kept a safe distance from the scary girl. Sky crossed her arms over her chest and glanced over at you. "I'm not sure. She's been really moody"

"Something happen?" Seungmin asked cautiously.

"If I had known I wouldn't have said I'm not sure." Sky snapped, glaring up at the boy. Seungmin gulped and took a few steps back, turning he ran back to his seat.

Sky exhaled through her nose, her fist clenching and unclenching. She closed her eyes, to calm herself, her rage was itching to creep out. Sky always struggled with her emotions especially her anger, usually she could control her temper, but lately everything has been ticking her off. Sky quickly turned, leaving the classroom and ran to the girls bathroom.

Seungmin watched as Sky ran out, his eyes saddened slightly before he locked his gaze on you. He got up from his seat and walked over to you. You felt someone behind you, but you dismissed the person as you pretend to be asleep, drowning yourself in your music.

Seungmin patted your back softly, you lifted your head and removed one earphone from your ear. You forced a smile as seungmin sat next to you. You and seungmin weren't rather close but he cared very much for anyone who was distressed.

As if seungmin was a guardian angel sent to take care and help others without wanting anything in return. He was truly special and rare type of human being. Seungmin read your body language and he could easily tell you were uncomfortable. The force smile you gave him already gave you away.

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