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"You've got to be kidding me" i groaned in frustration as we pulled up to the castle.

Me and eleanor had just got back from our amazing date, but the good mood just had to get ruined once we got home.

My beta along with alpha cole, jake, Richard and molly, were standing outside the front castle.

I didn't want alpha cole here. Not when he is my mates first mate and especially since he was bothering her the other day.

I reluctantly get out of the car with a scowl on my face, Eleanor followed closely behind.

"What is it" i ask noticing the grim expressions on their face.

"Another pack member of mine was attacked, this time a little girl" Cole informs, his voice cold and his face void of emotion.

He was putting up an act, when deep down i could tell he was scared. Who wouldn't be? His pack members keep getting killed by non normal rogues.

"How did they manage this?" I ask him.

"They came into our territory undetected"

"Okay im gonna send a few of my best warriors down to your pack for protection, since clearly your guards are incompetent" i growl.

How did no one notice someone going into their territory?

Cole clenched his jaw and clenched his eyes shut, his wolf didn't like the fact that their pack was being insulted.

"Why don't you send one of the gardians along with us? They're meant to protect us" cole suggests.

"Okay. jake and molly pack your things you're going back with Your alpha" i order.

Jake glances over at Eleanor and frown "i can't leave my twin, we never leave each other behind".

I mentally roll my eyes. Big deal! It's not like the end of the world if they're separated for a little while.

"I can go with" Eleanor softly speaks up.


"What! You have alot of great warriors that can protect you. Ares i was born to protect those who need protecting and im sorry but that just happens to be -wether we like it or not- coles pack" her narrow and her small hands are balled into fists at her side.

She's so cute when she's mad.

"I don't want you alone with that loser" i nod my head over in Coles direction which causes a low growl from him.

"Trust me. Nothing is going to happen, this is my job. Let me help them" she places her left hand on my cheek and i instantly lean into her soft hands.

Tingles danced along my cheek.

I wrapped my arms around her and stuck my face into her neck, i inhaled her wonderful scent calming me and my wolf.

"I know, just be safe and if he tries anything I'll murder him" i mutter against her neck.

She chuckles "Don't worry I'll probably murder him first".

"Im right here ya know" cole inturrupts.

"I know" me and Eleanor say in sync, we looked at each other and stared laughing.

"Well im going to go pack as much clothes as i can. I definitely don't want to leave all those nice clothes here" Eleanor kisses my cheek and walks away with molly and jake.

"Im gonna go get something to eat" cole says as he walks away towards the kitchen leaving elijah, me and richard outside by the front doors of the castle.

"With all due respect, your a fool for sending her off alone to coles pack" richard comments, "Just like his father, cole is very stubborn and won't stop at nothing to get what he wants".

"That may be so, but Eleanor is just as equally as stubborn. Plus i trust she won't do anything" i say confidently.

Hopefully I'm right. Because i haven't marked her, her and cole are still somewhat bonded. Sometimes wolves go back to their first mate, which i doubt she'll do.

"So much drama, ugh. Why can't life be easy peasy" Elijah whines.

"I ask myself that question too" i sigh.



The car ride to my old pack was silent and awkward. I sat in the passengers seat while my dad drove, jake was in the backseat with molly and cole.

My father drove non stop all the way to my old pack, and boy was it a very long ride.

Every ten minutes jake would ask "are we there yet" and he didn't stop until we were actually here.

I sat on my old bed and sighed. I missed my room, it was more comfortable. My room back at the castle was cold and too fancy for me, it didn't feel like just my room.




"Come in!" I shouted.

Cole poked his head into my room and i groaned.

"What do you want? How did you even get past my family?" I fold my arms and narrow my eyes.

"Your dad is training the pack and your brother is on patrol" he says.

He fully emerges into my room and slowly makes his way towards me. "Look i just wanted to talk" he pleads.

"fine. Talk" i growl. He nods his head and inches closer to me so that he's standing near my bed.

"I know I've made some mistakes and i know I've been trying to push you into being with me, and im sorry. I've come to the realization that i would rather have you in my life as my friend than not have you in my life at all" he tells me truthfully.

I look at him suspicioucly before sighing. This may be a stupid idea but we all have alot going on and i don't need any drama happening during it.

I hold out my hand and force a smile "deal".

Cole takes my hand firmly and grins brightly at me "deal" he says.

"You won't regret it. Anyways i got to go, i have some business to take care of" he walkes out of my room but not without giving me one last glance.

I sigh deeply and fall back onto my bed. I should just run away and live as a human,at least their lives are more simpler.


Sorry i haven't updated in like two or three days. I tried doing it everyday but then i lost confidence in this book and well i decided i should just finish it so i can feel like i accomplished something. Lol

Sorry of there is any typos. I will edit once completed.

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