Term 36

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Shocked would be an understatement expressing how suprised Yoongi felt at this very moment.

He was stupefied at fact Park Jimin, the claimed straight guy, was the one to out of nowhere pull him into a kiss and kiss him, a guy, so passionately as if there's no other person in the world for him.

Did he question it at that moment? No.

He simply just gave in to the feeling of the younger's soft, plump lips moving against his, reciprocating the kiss as he squeezes the hand of Jimin's that he still held as Jimin's other one grips onto the bottom of his shirt.

They move in a synchronised, slow pace for a couple of seconds, the butterflies erupting in both their stomachs and their hearts drumming strongly against their ribcages.

They both felt euphoric at this moment, finally allowing their feelings for one another to pour out into this one kiss.

In the heat of the moment, and the feeling of finally being able to express himself Yoongi makes a bold move and slips his tongue into Jimin's mouth.

He couldn't help but smile a little into the kiss when they're suddenly tongue wrestling, the older lifting his hand and cupping the younger's cheek, smoothing his thumb gently against the soft skin.

They slowly pull away not too long after, the both of them needing to take a breather. Soft pants is heard throughout the otherwise quiet room (the tv being on low volume), their warm breaths mixing together as they stare into one another's eyes.

Yoongi's love filled eyes and Jimin's.... teary eyes?

"G-get out." The smile that was on the science student face immediately drops, him feeling his heart sink at the look on Jimin's face and the fact that he is kicking him out of his apartment.

Maybe he was the only one enjoying what happened, he was so stupid to think Jimin possibly felt the same way.

"Wait, Jiminie, I'm sorry--"

"I said, get out." His voice was sterner, Yoongi could tell he tried really hard not to trip over his words.

He yanks his shaky hand out of Yoongi's own, the older releasing his face and standing up.

He points a jittery finger in the direction of the door, the tears running down his cheeks at full force now "G-g-g-het out."

Yoongi didn't know what to do at this moment, he felt a sharp pain in his heart and his stomach felt horrible, he chooses to listen to Jimin though, not wanting to upset him anymore.

"I'm sorry..." He whispers, turning on his heels and quickly exiting the apartment.

When the door slams close Jimin instantly bursts into loud sobs, putting his feet on the couch and clutching his legs tightly towards his body.

He felt like a piece of shit, he couldn't believe he had done that at all. 1, he kissed a boy and 2, it is his best friend's boyfriend.

He felt super guilty and the reality that he liked the feeling of the older male's lips on his, how he cupped his cheek and held his hand didn't help this feeling at all, it only fed his guilty conscience.

Though that wasn't the only reason he is sobbing, like stated before he kissed a boy.

He very much knew at this point how he felt about Yoongi and he couldn't deny that feeling anymore, but the thought of liking a guy still felt so.... unnatural to him, he was a very much straight male before all of this happened.

He was scared, he had to admit that too and he didn't know what to do.

He felt on the verge of a panic attack and needed to call the only person he could at this moment,

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