Chapter 28

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Tara pov


Pain.  There was a severe headache. Where am I? I don't know. Now I don't even want to know.

Because I know I am being captured. Again.
I tried opening my eyes but it seems like my body was not listening to my mind. I am not aware of my surroundings.


My heartbeat raced when I heard the sound of the door opening and closing.

" Where is she?" An angry voice boomed in the place, making my breathing labored.

"Boss, she is unconscious right now."

Oh my god! He is him.. That devil..!

" Wake her up !"

" But boss, she still might be under the influence of the drug we have injected."

" I don't care." He said, his voice showing how much he is controlling his anger.

Footsteps were heard, stepping  towards me. With every step, my heart started pounding. I was fearing the outcome. Still with this body ache, my mind was begging me to loose consciousness.

But with my mind on high alert, changing in the rhythmic pattern of my breathing and the rapid heart beat, I was unable to again loose myself in the darkness. Though I didn't even dare to open my eyes.

"Bring me the bucket of cold water." That devil commanded.

" Sure boss!"

A few minutes later, I felt water splashed all over my face and body, making my body jerked.

I opened my eyes with the gasp. As soon as it opened,  terror filled in them as it laid on the devil standing just in front of me.

He seems angry, very angry. I furrowed my eyebrows as I don't know what he will do now.

Remember Tara, you have played with a fire. Vimla masi had told you to stay away from the problems. But just like a magnet you are, you always get attached to troubles. For the love of god, why did you even try to leave that mansion? A voice in my mind scolded me.

" STAND UP YOU BITCH !!"  He yelled, making me as well as the others to be flinched with his dangerous loud voice.

I tried to move my hand and legs, but my headache was not leaving. If any, it was only increasing, making me want to shut my eyes and fell into the deep sleep to never open it again.

" You stupid bitch !! I am talking to you. Just stand up !!"

His loud voice was bringing me tears in my eyes.

I again tried moving my hands and legs, but it only lead me to scream.


Tears filled my eyes.

I thought seeing me in this pathetic state, he would pity me. But god ! I was so wrong. This devil is on fire. !!

He showed me no mercy. He was not that devil who would let it go. No, he became darker, more angrier. He was shooting daggers at me making me shiver with his heated gaze.

Out of nowhere, he grasped my left hand, making me stand up forcefully.

Slap !

He slapped me ! Yes he slapped me. He slapped me so hard that I fall on the ground.

Tears that were filled upto brim, started flowing from my eyes. My vision got blurred.

" Boss, please she is weak !" A voice from behind me plead with him.

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