Where is "him"?

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Hey guys...Here is chapter two.Hope you'll like it!


"ok you may come in now"

The door open and reviling a boy......All of the girls were whispering to each other.Meanwhile,the boys well annoyed by it.The new student walks into the classroom wearing a black sleeveless jacket with a hood and white-haired with a black strake.

That caught all the students attention on him. Including the gang, first they were surprised of the new student's impressions, they thought it's him that was standing right in front of them but when they realized he have different hair colour and no watch on his wrists, they knew he was not him because he didn't have white hair his hair was black if he were to dye it that's impossible and he never ever take off his watch.

Teacher Papa:"alright,can you introduce yourself to your classmates here please.What about starting with by to tell us your name?"

???:"*nod....."Hello everyone,my name is Reverse and its a pleasure to meet you hope we all can be friends"

Teacher Papa:"ok then Reverse your seat is over there at Bbb's seat in front of Fang by the window"...*He then pointed towards where his seat is that once belong to his fav "student"

Reverse walks to his seat and sit down on the chair

Reverse:"umm.....Sir,may I ask?

Teacher Papa:"yes?,what is it my student of justice?

Reverse:"well...Ummm..I was wandering but who is Bbb?"

All of them were in shock by the question and making all eyes on him

Teacher Papa:"Whattt!!!!!????....You don't know him???.He is the greatest super hero here in Pulau Rintis truely everyone know him and he is my number one favourite student of justice!"

Gopal:"what?!...Teacher Papa am I not your favourite student too???"

Teacher Papa:"ughh...Yes yes your my favourite student too"


Teacher Papa:*walks toward him and whisper something at his ears..."my favourite student from behind"

Gopal:*like something stab him in the heart


Reverse:*sweat drop..."umm sorry but I don't know him...By the way where is he?is he here or absent today???

All of them went quiet when they heard the question.Espeacilly the gang they all remember the day where 'he' died with Bora ra after saving Ochobot...its been a two years now since their epic fight ended


That's all I can think of, still short though:P... sorry guys :v

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