Flashback prt.1

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I am just going to publish it cause Im a bit busy...So here is chapter 3

Sorry if theres an incorrect grammar


"by the way where is he?is he here or absent today???"


It happened around two years ago at the flouting island

Ochocot:*wake up...Hmm,Bbb?is that you?

Boboiboy:*smiled with tears..."yes Ochobot,it's me"

Ochobot:"what about Bora-"

Boboiboy:"his dead,we already defeated him by sending him into the black hole,he is forever gone...Your save now Ochobot*hug him tight

Yaya&Ying: *cried to see both of them happy again

Gopal:*burst to tears crying like a baby

Fang:*almost to tears but manage to control it so he wouldn't let them see him in that way like a crybaby and if do,it would've damage his popularity

but the happiness only last for only a second when suddenly a black hole appeared and something was holding Boboiboy's arm.When Bbb turn around to see who is holding his arm and saw Bora ra(with an injured body) was the one holding him

Boboiboy:*eyes widden....in his thoughts "but ha-how?his gone like really gone, how could he survived from that?I mean I-we all saw him with our own eyes that he got suck by his own black hole"

All of them shocked and couldn't believe that Bora ra manage to avoid being suck into the black hole

Bora ra:"hmph! Don't be to happy thinking that I'm dead, think I was gone forever??heh! in your dreams!!!....This will not be over BBB!!!.....How about you die here in the black hole with me!

*Bora ra quickly grabbed BBB and pulled him to the black hole*

Boboiboy:*in mind "how?"..."LET ME GO!!!... Lightning sword!"

*BBB threw his blade to Bora ra... Before the blade even hit him, Bora ra dodge it and attack BBB....BBB couldn't have time to dodge Bora ra 's attack and by that he fainted after Bora ra's attack him



Yaya:"don't you dare take him away!!!"

Ying:"super speed!!"

Fang:"give him back to us Bora ra!!....Shadow fingers!"

Gopal:"Boboiboy!!bring him back!"

All of them tried rescued Bbb but Bora ra make things difficult for them by using his remainning powers left to stopping them so they couldn't rescued their friend and all of them were defeated by Bora ra and failed to bring back their friend

I know its a bit short like my previous chapters, but i will try my best to make it long (T^T)

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