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Sophia's POV
The next two days were okay for me. Titus went to meeting while I got to stay in our room and read a book. It was getting harder to keep food down so I just drank a few glasses of water.

After the first meeting, Titus seemed frustrated but he wouldn't tell me what was happening. After the second meeting, he seemed less stressed than the day before but I could tell something was still bothering him.

It was the last full day we have here at Lotus Pack until we pack and leave back for our pack.

We laid in bed together while Titus pulled my shirt up and started rubbing my stomach. He lightly kissed it then kissed me.

"I don't think I tell you I love you enough," he says. I roll my eyes and shake my head.

"You tell me every single day. How is that not enough?" I laugh. He puts his nose in the crook of my neck and takes a deep breath.

"Will you be okay here when we all go on the run?" He asks me. I nod. I can't shift since I'm pregnant so I'm going to stay here and watch from the balcony. The full moon was tonight so my wolf is going to be on edge.

"Will you be okay since it's the full moon tonight?" He asks.

"Of course I'll be fine," I said adjusting myself with a smile on my face.

"I can stay here if you'd like," he offered while playing with strands of my hair. I shake my head.

"Go enjoy yourself with Brody and Jacob. I'll be fine," I said looking up at his eyes. He nods and smiles as he stares back at me.

"Do you think I'd be with someone else if your first mate never died?" I ask him out of the blue. He looked surprised and confused.

"I would have loved a chance to get to know my first mate but I was blessed with you," he whispers as he tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Would you rather be with her than me?" I ask holding his hand to my cheek. He shakes his head and caresses my cheek with his thumb.

"I love you so much I couldn't imagine anyone better than you," he whispers getting lost in my eyes. He places a soft kiss on my forehead and turns off the lamp next to our bed. "Get some sleep."

I lightly nod and lean into his chest as he covers me with the blanket and wraps his arms around me. His scent surrounded me and lulled me into my sleep.

"Wake up Sophia," I heard the familiar evil voice say. I was hung up on the wall with vines. The thorns piercing my skin at my ankles and wrists and a cloth covering my mouth. I look up and see Delphine. This wasn't a memory it was happening right now.

I started struggling, trying to get out of the vines, and I had full control of my movements.

"Welcome back my favorite subject," she said with an sly grin on her face. My wolf let out a growl. She put her finger on my chin and slid it across. It felt so real.

"Don't worry you're still in Titus' arms. But you're just mentally here. I could stab you right here and you would start bleeding out in Titus' arms," she said taking a knife out of a cloth. My breath hitched and she started coming closer.

"Now Delphine, we don't want her to be injured while she's still with Titus. We'll have her next Thursday." From the corner of the hallway, out comes Adrian. Today was Saturday. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. I was terrified.

"Welcome back Sophia," he smiles. He pulls my shirt down and runs his finger over my birthmark.

"Why is it still there," he growled. "She's been marked and mated. It should have disappeared."  Delphine looked confused. Then my mind was pulled away.

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