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Chapter Three

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 Chapter Three

Jade's POV

"Wait! Please wait!" I shouted at the top of my lungs and ran towards the bus stop. But the bus driver didn't hear me, and closed the door.

"No!" Panting, trembling, breathless, I groaned with disappointment. The bus left, when I was just a few steps away from the bus stop. Now, I had to wait for another ten to fifteen minutes for the next bus. I would be late for work, which never ever happened before. I felt so tired last night that I overslept. I was so stupid, I forgot to set the alarm clock.

I dug out my phone in my bag to text Mrs. Chang that I would be late. I was scrolling my phone's contacts when I came across Joseph's number. I stored his number last night, despite having no intention of calling him.

Joseph Nevin was our neighbor in New Jersey. Blond, cute with dimples, tall and lean. He looked like the young Brad Pitt. Aside from his good looks, he was also smart, very humble, God-fearing and very compassionate.

For me, he was the kindest man I'd ever met. All the qualities that I wanted in a guy, he had it all. He was Perfect. My Prince Charming, Knight in Shining Armor, Dream Boy and my Mr. Right.

I grew up having him as my best friend, my adviser, my protector boyfriend. Well, he didn't know that, but in my mind, he was. We even got married in my dreams and lived happily-ever-after, in a castle, surrounded with infinite love, peace, and happiness.

Yeah, I was crazy, so crazy in love. I loved him for years and I was determined to have him as my boyfriend, and eventually, my future husband. I wanted him to be my first in everything: first kiss, first love, first boyfriend, and my first sexual encounter.

But Joseph thought of me as his little sister, who used to tag along behind him, wherever he went. He was an only child and having me with him always, made him feel like an older brother. That's what he said all the time, maybe because of our five year age gap. But I wished we wouldn't remain in sibling zone, forever.

The last time we saw each other was not worth reminiscing about. It was very humiliating, on my part. It happened two years ago, I was eighteen and had just graduated high school. Dad's health condition was getting worse at that time and his body didn't respond to the medical treatment anymore. We lost everything, our car, savings, including our house. We were just fortunate that the new house owner allowed us to stay for two weeks to find a new place to settle down. I was so miserable, but I was trying to be strong, for my family, especially for Dad. I wanted him to fight for his life and not to lose hope.

Joseph was there to comfort me. He taught me how to be strong, to be brave and trust everything to God. Since he was a nurse, he explained to me the nature of Dad's disease, the symptoms, the disease process, medical procedure performed, the medications, and everything that I didn't understand.

We were sitting on the couch, talking, mostly about Dad. His arms were around me and his fingers ran through the silkiness of my ginger hair. He loved my hair and never failed to touch it every time we were together. That's why 'Ginger' had always been his pet name for me.

I settled in his warm embrace and rested my head on his chest. It felt like coming home, every time I was in his arms. I listened to his heart, it pounded evenly, in a normal rhythm, like music. But mine was hammering wildly. I smelled his manly scent, hmm, so divine. Then, I touched his strong arms and feasted my eyes on his attractive face. Everything about him enthralled me and drugged my senses. The tingling in the pit of my stomach wouldn't stop whenever I was with him.

I held his eyes, studying his expressions. I was looking for some clues and signs on what he really felt for me. If he developed a special interest in me, he had no intention of showing it.

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