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It's been a whole week since I've come back to my old pack. A whole week without my mate.

Me and my wolf didn't like that one bit.

"Hello? Earth to Ela?" Jake snaps his fingers in attempt to get my attention.

I look at him with an annoyed expression and fold my arms, "what?".

"Did you hear anything i just said?" He shouts dramatically.

I frown "um no" i tell him honestly. Lately I've been zoning out and my mind often drifts to Ares.

"Ugh i swear! I said that we are needed at the north side of the pack line. There was an attack but luckily everyones alive" he tells me. My eyes widen "well why didn't you say so?" I shout back.

"I did you baboon. Now come on" he says before taking off out of the pack house and i follow closely behind.

We take off into the woods. Birds chirped around us and the smell of wet grass filled my sences.

Our footsteps thundered throughout the forest as we ran towards the north side of the pack line.

Two guards cane into view along with cole, my father, and a small little girl.

"What happened?" I ask urgently once we catch up to them.

"We were attacked my queen" a guard with spiky blue hair and bright green eyes, informed me. He had deep scratches all along his chest, arms and face.

"Did you see what attacked you?" I ask, completely ignoring the fact that he referred to me as 'the queen'.

"No. They were too fast, all i could get was a pair of red eyes" the other guard chimes in. He had blonde wavy hair that was in a man bun and bright blue eyes. He too had deep scratches all over him.

My attention was brought to the little girl who was on the floor hugging her knees. Her blonde hair cascaded down her back in knots with a few leaves and twigs in her hair.

She had tears streaming down her dirt covered face and scratches all along her arms and face.

Poor girl, she is going to be traumatized.

"This is esme, she was playing in the woods when some rogue came out of nowhere and attacked her, that's when Dillon and Philip stepped in just in time" cole tells me.

I nod my head and avoid his eyes. We may be 'friends' but its still a little weird around us.

"T..they...s..said something" the little girls voice was raspy and low.

I quickly walk over to her and crouch down, i place my hand on her shoulder and looked into her grey eyes.

"What did they say?" I ask softly as i place her knotted blonde hair behind her ears.

"They s..said to t..tell you that.. he's back a..and it's a..about t..time you all p..pay" she stuttered, clearly still shaken up from the attack.

I stand up and look at my father with concern "i think it's time we put this pack on lockdown. No one -besides those who will fight in the battle to come- to leave their homes. If they do they have to have a buddy with them at all times. It isn't safe to wonder around alone" i order.

You would think they would have told them to stay clear from the woods if they had two murders already.

"Already mind-linked everyone" cole says.

I nod my head "take her to mr.gullar to get her fixed up and same with dillon and Philip" cole nods his head before barking out orders.

Once the two guards and esme were at the pack doctor getting checked out, cole and my father went to go make sure everyone was indoors so me and jake scoped out the area.

Finding nothing we went back to the pack house to meet up with cole and my father.

Cole was sitting on his black leather chair with his head in his hands and my father sat in a chair infront of him.

Jake and i sat down next to my father. Cole sighed before looking at us with tired eyes, i felt sad for him.

"I don't know what to do" he admits, "the rogues are not leaving anything behind for us to catch them and on top of that i don't know how they're able to cross into my territory. Only thing i can think of is that there is a mole in the pack".

"No i don't think there is because no one here has any reason to associate with him. Only ones that know about that dreadful event is us" my father says.

I truly felt bad for my uncle. My father was forced to kill his mate by coles father and once your mate dies its like a part of you dies and eventually you can go insane if you have nothing to live for anymore.

So of course my uncle would want to get revenge on all of us, but it still doesn't make what he is doing right.

"True. We need to train those eligible to fight, to prepare for war. He will not get away with murdering my pack members. Plus with jake and Eleanor being guardians that can only mean we are soon going into battle" cole tells us.

The thought of going into war spikes fear into my heart. There's a chance we won't win, we don't really know what we are dealing with.

"Wait. Why don't we talk to the elders. One of them is a vampire, surely they'll know something" i suggest.

"Only king Ares can call upon them" jake says, "okay then lets call Ares down here" i shrug.

Coles face turns into a frown and narrows his eyes at jake, even though it wasn't his fault that i suggested we bring Ares down here.

"Fine" he says between clenched teeth.


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