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Johnson's POV

"And— and when I find that son of a bitch, Hayes, I'm gonna kill him." Gilinsky slurred to me before he took another shot of vodka.

"G, take it easy. I think you've had enough." I took the bottle from the table and put it back in the liquor cabinet.

"Enough? I'm just getting started." "No, you've had way more than you need. I think you should take this water," I slid him a water bottle across the table "And just go to bed."

"No, I want to go to a party or just... beat Hayes' ass... That bitch."

"Jack, what would you think Gabby would think of this? Huh? You drinking out of sadness." I asked him and I could tell his whole mood changed.

He looked up at me with hurt eyes and hesitated to answer.

"I miss her." "Yeah, and beating Hayes' ass isn't going to find her."

He put his head down on the table and just sat there sniffling.

I walked around the island in the kitchen and rubbed his back.

"Johnson, she's gone. She just disappeared and I don't know how to find her." "We will, I promise."

"How do you know that?" He asked "Because we're not gonna give up."

"The cops don't even believe me." He cried. "Ok, then we'll find evidence that he did take her." "That was the only evidence I had!" He raised his voice.

I let out a sigh and looked up at the ceiling like I was supposed to find an answer there.

"What about the text messages and stuff that Hayes would bug her with? Bring those up."

"I guess I could." He shrugged.

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