Deep in My Heart, Deep in My Soul

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It was obvious Yoongi was on high alert the next day. Jimin did his best to avoid him, joining groups of two or three omegas who raced from corridor to corridor, pressed close together, ignoring everything around them. It helped him avoid Jungkook as well, though they couldn't do anything about their seating.

Jimin just did his best to ignore everyone.

He wanted to be sick.

He sat in the cafeteria, playing with his phone, his stomach turning over every few seconds. Yoongi, sitting at the table with Jungkook and his other alpha friends, looked up every so often to scan the cafeteria as if looking for someone.

Looking for Jimin.

Jimin ducked his head, scanning photos on social media and trying to look busy. He nearly screamed when pain ripped through his head, throbbing behind his eyes.

"Where are you?"

Jimin waited a moment, to be sure Yoongi was looking away, then got up and ran out of the cafeteria, shoving his phone in his pocket. He didn't stop until he'd found an abandoned corridor, where he crumpled, curling up against the wall.

"I told you to go away," he said, but it came out weak, almost a whimper. A plea.

"So I'm just supposed to give up? You're my mate."

"Things like that don't matter."

"I don't see you coming in here to reject me."

Jimin swallowed, closing his eyes. "Are you an idiot? I told you I'm on suppressants. You're as insensitive as Taehyung--" He yelped, nearly keeling over as a new spike of pain drove itself into his head.

"You know Taehyung?"

Jimin got up, clutching his head, and looked for a bathroom. Tears of pain pricked at his eyes and slid down his cheeks, but apparently Yoongi wasn't done yet.

"How do you know Taehyung?"

Forget a bathroom. If Jimin wanted to survive the day, he would have to do it in the infirmary. He staggered toward the stairs, swaying above them, and he could've sworn he heard Yoongi gasp.

"No, no, no-- stop-- that's dangerous!"

"I need a nurse because of you," Jimin gasped, crouching and holding onto the railing. "I'm not gonna wait around. I don't want to see you."

"Why can't I help you?"

Jimin began to cry outright, lunging down the steps. He slipped, but his double-handed grip on the railing saved him, and a few torturous minutes later, he staggered into the nurse's office and slumped onto an empty bed, curling into a ball. She took one look at him and sighed, rolling her eyes.

"I'm sorry," she said.

Jimin's breath hitched, and he held his head in both hands, squeezing his eyes shut. Why was Yoongi insisting on this? He was worse than Taehyung, worse than Namjoon, even, worse than every stupid alpha he'd ever seen chasing their mate.

"Why can't I come to you?"

"I don't want you," Jimin whimpered. "Please, stop."

"Will you hear me out if I do?"


"Then we have a problem," Yoongi said grimly. 

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