Chapter 19

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"Are you sure?" Scott said once everyone gathered in the meeting room after hearing what Alissa had to say.
"Yes, Scott I'm sure. The tracker wouldn't lie?" Alissa said whilst fixing her breathing, she had just sprinted down the stairs, called everyone to the meeting room and was now panicking inside.
"alright lets go then, uh Nat and Scott your with me, and Sam and cap you guys take a separate car" Tony said.
"wait who's car am I going in" Alissa said and looked at her father.
"You're not going" he said without showing much expression. Everyone else went quit, knowing that it would be awkward to speak right now.
"What do you mean? Dad I'm going" Alissa said with a confused expression on her face. She began leaving the room to get ready, when tony grabbed her arm.
"Hey can uh we have a moment alone" Tony said and looked at everyone else and they all eventually left the room.
"Alissa you're not going" he said and gently let go of her arm.
"are you serious? I have to go" she said, her voice cracking and feeling tears form already.
"No, it's too unsafe and I don't want you to get hurt. it'll be fine, you can stay here-
"But peters in danger, dad please I'm worried about him and I..I have to go" her face going red and a tear falling.
"I know he's in danger but this is too dangerous, besides your not qualified enough to go on a mission like this" He said raising his voice slightly, he never really got angry, specially with Alissa but the few times he did, Alissa usually got the message and didn't speak further.
But right now, it physically hurt her knowing that peter was in danger.
"I don't care if I'm not qualified enough okay? I just need to go please I love him and It's killing me knowing he's unsafe" she spoke, a little too quickly without realizing what words were leaving her mouth.
She instantly goes quite, thinking about what she just said, but then coming to terms with herself that she did indeed love him.
"what? Alissa I love that kid too but you're staying here. End of conversation"

His eyes suddenly opened and for a second he forgot where he was.
Did I just black out, he thought to himself. He probably did, he didn't know how long he had been there, wether it was days or weeks, he couldn't tell. All he knew was that he couldn't feel his body any longer, he couldn't feel anything and he was pretty sure he could die of hunger any time now. That was when he heard screams and shouting outside the door, he looked at the guards who were also confused. One of them went out to check what was going on, Peter could see slightly under the gaping door that there was some blood on the floor, he didn't know who's but it scared him. He heard multiply voices and suddenly the door kicked open, and he felt like he was hallucinating. He saw a familiar woman with familiar black suit and familiar red hair.
She had guns in both hands but she clearly didn't need them as she just punched one of the guards and he went down.
"Hey kid" she said and quickly started to rip off the ropes around him.
"I'm not sure if I'm dreaming" Peter let out, his throat hurting now too. he could finally feel his hands again after she cut the rope.
"You're not Pete" she said silently whilst trying to cut off all the ropes. Once she was done, Peter felt like he could breath again. He tried standing him but immediately felt his legs not working, he fell but Natasha caught him.
"They really fucked you up" she said whilst lifting him up, putting his arm over her shoulder. He could barely walk even with her help.
"Um is Mr. he here?" He said whilst walking, they were at the door and he looked out seeing multiple guards fighting the avengers.
"he is. Shit they've covered all the doors, I can't fight with you on my shoulder, we have to find a way out" she said and turned around to face the room again. Her eyes went to the small window, it could barely fit a person but that was their best shot. She left peter standing against the wall before she broke the glass with her legs.
"Wow you're really strong..I mean I knew you were but I've never seen you fighting, other than the airport but I never really-
"Kid this isn't the time to catch up, okay you first" She helped him up and he barely could fit but he managed to escape. He breathed in the fresh air and suddenly he couldn't remember the last time the air tasted and felt so good. He smiled a bit before he quickly saw Natasha trying to fit between the window too.
"Oh let me help" he said and grabbed her arm trying his best to pull her up. just as she was almost out, the door slammed open and a guard entered the room. He quickly pulled his gun up and fired.

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