The Awakening ( 47 )

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I gasped at the sight of Roy and Alex both covered in blood and barely conscious.

Ty cursed under his breath and raised his spear.

"Now, now you don't want to do anything that you might regret", Zeref warned as Ophelia raised her sword to Roy's throat, drawing a small trail of blood.

Ty glared at the pale women, but he lowered his spear with a sigh of defeat.

"Thank you. Now we can have a civil conversation", Zeref sighed.

I bite my tongue to keep myself from cursing Zeref out for hurting my friends, but now wasn't the time for it. I settled for just glaring at Zeref. Then my gaze shifted to Alex and Roy then I thought to myself ;

Where's Jason?

A knot formed in my stomach as I thought of the worst. Part of me hoped that he was well and had just escaped. But when a sliver tipped arrow flew out of nowhere and impeded itself into Ty's back I wished Jason didn't make it.

Ty collapsed at the sudden attack and fell to the stone floor with a scream of pain. I rushed to his side immediately and shielded him from the chance of any more arrows.

I quickly looked back at the direction from where the arrow was shot and gasped at what I saw.

Jason stood bow and arrow in hand with a devilish grin.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that!", Jason laughed.

I couldn't find the words to express how angry I was leaving me in a deadly silence as Ty cursed in a foreign language under me.

"Now, now Jason. Let's be civil", Zeref cooed, " We have more important things to do than stick a wounded pig."

Jason laughed before protesting.

"But it's so fun tormenting this jackass", he said gesturing to Ty.

"It is isn't? Very well go wild it's not like you could kill him anyway. Ophelia, keep them entertained while I finish the spell", Zeref ordered as he turned his back to us and stepped inside the magic circle.

Ophelia nodded and hissed ordered at the Askari. Jason jumped down from his perch and circled us along with the Askari and Ophelia.

Ty steadied himself on his spear and whispered to me.

"Pull the arrow out. Then out get Alex and Roy. I can take these guys."

"But you can't fight all of them. You're outnumbered", I pleaded barely above a whisper.

"Numbers don't win fights, skill does."

The enemy had us completely surrounded and Zeref laughed at us and began chanting the spell. The magic circle glowed a dark purple as the room began to rumble.

"Now", Ty ordered desperately.

I panicked and grabbed the sliver arrow and yanked as hard as I could. Ty cursed loudly as the arrow gave away. I held the arrow as blood dripped from its head.

"Sorry sorry", I apologize profusely.

"It's fine, go help them. I'll clear a path", he smirked at me as he stood to his full height.

Ty's eyes went white as his body and spear sparked with lightning. He glared violently at Jason who glared back.

"Don't give me that look. You can't be that surprised. I know your brother told you about me. Not like it did you or him for that fact any good. It's such a shame what Zeref did to him, oh well. We can't all be winners."

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