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Sophia's POV
Titus, Brody, and Jacob helped bring all our bags out and into the car. I carried my backpack but it took a lot of convincing since Titus didn't want me to overwork.

Everyone has been leaving at different times. From early in the morning to now. We decided to leave in the afternoon. We stood at the entrance until we saw someone drive Titus' Tesla in front of us.

We packed all our stuff into the car and I put my backpack in the front with me.

"Thank you for having us Ryan," Titus thanked. He smiled and nodded.

"It was our pleasure." We said goodbye to Sienna and Alpha Kian who were leaving later. Titus helped me into his car and Brody and Jacob climbed into the back.

Titus started driving on the rocky road until we got to the back roads. I took my blanket and pillow out and leaned the chair back. Brody let out a groan and climbed to the back. I gave him a cheeky smile then got comfortable.

"Thursday," I said out of the blue. "They said they're coming for me Thursday."

Titus gripped the wheel tighter. His knuckles becoming white against the wheel and the gear stick. I sighed and placed my hand over his hand that was on the gear stick. He visibly calmed at my touch but I could tell he was still tense.

"They're not going to get you Soph. I've been working to pick out our best border control. They won't get past the border control," Brody said.

They didn't know my plan though. They won't have a chance to hurt my friends and family. I'm going to turn myself in. I can't bring torture to the people I love. If war breaks out between packs and the rouges, it'll be a massacre and I can't bring that upon the people I love

Over the years they've been gaining numbers. Rouges that have been banished by their pack seek out for Adrian's pack of rouges. Wolves that have been overlooked and blinded with rage. And I'm just another one of their projects. They like all over the place but have always stayed near where I've been.

Powerful. I heard them talk about how I'm powerful and can be used to help dethrone Alphas but the only powerful ones I saw were them. Elizabeth almost died for me that day helping me escape them. I don't know how she found me that night but I am so grateful.

So I can't put my loved ones in danger. I can't bring myself to let them sacrifice their lives for mine. I'll have to find away to get through their torment.

"We'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe Sophie," Jacob says leaning forward in his seat. I let out a small sigh and nod.

"Get some sleep Sophia," Titus whispers to me. I nod and grab my fluffy socks and put them on. I put my feet up on the seat and lean my pillow onto the car door.

I closed my eyes but didn't sleep. I was scared that Delphine could mess with my mind again. She didn't do it last night but I'm scared she could do it today.

I did my best to stay awake but I was just so tired. So I eventually gave up and let myself fall asleep.

"Sophia we're home," Titus said that woke me up. I let out a small groan as I sat up in the seat. I cracked my back and neck and saw the familiar setting of the garage.

I put my shoes back on and hand my blanket over my shoulders and my pillow in my arms. Titus got out and helped me out of the car. Omegas were immediately sent to help get the bags out so I didn't have time to grab my bag before they did.

I saw the garage door open. Tala comes running to me while Charlotte

"Momma," she calls out with her hands open. My heart bursted with joy. She jumped into my arms and wrapped around my neck. Tears ran down my face out of pure joy. This was the first time she's ever called me mom.

"Why are you crying?" she asks. I let out a small sniffle and wipe my tears.

"I'm just really happy," I whisper to her with a smile on my face. I toss my pillow to Titus and hold on tightly to Tala. I bring her to our new room. She hasn't really been in Titus room but now all our things were moved in here I have to get her used to it.

"So what have you been doing with Aunty Charlotte?" I ask Tala as we walked to Titus room.

"She read me stories and we got a lot of ice cream. Oh! We also went to play with the other kids and got to make a cake," she started to ramble. She told me about her past 5 days.

I bring her into the closet and let her choose her own pajamas. She climbed into the middle bed and lets out a yawn.

"You've had dinner right?" I confirm with her. She nods and lets out another small yawn. I turn of the lights and let her fall asleep. I sit in the rocking chair in the corner of the room. I look around Titus' massive room. It was visibly larger than mine.

It had the same glass wall window as my room just bigger. The moon light shone into the room. I let out a small sigh as I start to get comfortable in the chair.

The door opened slowly and a crack of light shone into the dark room. Titus' head peeped into the room looking for me until his eyes landed on me.

"Do you want anything specific to eat? If not I'll get one of the omegas to go get pizza."

"I'm not that particular jut get me cheese pizza," I whisper so that Tala wouldn't wake up. He nods and closes the door.

I grab a towel from out of the closet and my pajamas. I walked into the bathroom and the smell of Titus hit me in the face like a breath of fresh air. Two sinks line one wall. One was elevated that one was filled with Titus things. The other one was empty. All my makeup would probably go here.

I hang my towel on the door and take a quick shower. I change into my pajamas and throw my dirty clothes into the hamper. I walked out and offed the bathroom light. The smell of fresh pizza seeped through under the crack of the door.

I walked out to see 4 boxes of large pizza. Two pepperoni, one pineapple, and one cheese.

"Ew who eats pineapple pizza?" I ask as I walked up to the island. I grabbed a slice of my cheese pizza and took a bite.

"Hey don't hate on my pineapple pizza," Brody said taking a slice of it. I roll my eyes and laughed.

"Did you know Tala was gonna calm me mom?" I ask Titus. He nods.

"Charlotte told me" he said. I nod and eat the rest of my pizza.

"I'm tired," I said letting out a yawn.

"How you literally took a 7 hour nap on the way back. It's been two hours since you've woken up," Jacob lets out a laugh.

"Well now, I'm going to sleep go goodnight everyone," I said. I walk back into our room and climb into my side of the bed.

Tala snuggled closer to me as I got comfortable. Her light snores told me that she was still sleeping though. Titus came in shortly after and took a quick shower and climbed into bed.
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