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"I missed you" i wrap my arms around Ares and he immediately pulled me into him.

Tingles were evident and his intoxicating smell engulfed me.

Cole wasn't so keen on inviting Ares to the pack, but he was needed here and who was cole to defy the future queen?

It's crazy to think that not so long ago i was just a regular girl who became beta and got rejected by her mate to be suddenly claimed by the Werewolf king.

At first i was reluctant to be with him but now that he's my second chance mate it's impossible to ignore the bond.

He kissed the top of my head and said "i missed you too my love. Did you miss me too much? Is that why I'm needed here?" He asks.

I chuckle and shake my head "no. Remember when i said you owe me?" The memory of our trip to the castle flashed through my mind.

"Ah yes, i didn't think you were serious" he shakes his head in amuesment.

"Yeah well i was and now i need to cash in a favor" i tell him. "Okay what is it?" He asks.

"I was wondering if you could call the elders. It's important" Ares nods his head and kisses my temple, "anything for you" he says.

"I think im gonna puke" coles familiar voice says. I look over at him with annoyance and he pretends to gag making me roll my eyes.

He then looks at me with amuesment and smiles, but i knew deep down seeing me with ares hurt him.

"Mine" Area growls and pulls me closer, i place my hand on his chest to calm him "relax, we're friends now".

Ares stiffens and narrows his eyes at cole "try anything and I'll end you" he growls out. He detaches himself from me and walks into the pack house leaving me and cole outside.

"I know i have acted crazy in the past but I've realized that I'd rather see you happy even if its not with me" his voice is filled with seriousness.

He was sincere and i couldn't help but feel pride at how much he's matured in such little time.

"Im sorry you didn't get a normal life. If i had just accepted you then we would live a normal happy life but now i know you're meant for greater things and i can't help but feel pride in what an amazing women you are becoming. Im happy i played a part in getting you there, even if it meant hurting you which i didn't like" he takes a deep breath and looks away.

"What's done is done. We can't dwell in the past. You never know, you might find your second chance mate" i reassure.

Cole shakes his head and looks at me with sad eyes "the moon goddess does not grant those who reject their mates a second one" with that said he turns around walks away. He pauses then looks at me "when this battle comes i won't hesitate to protect you with my life" he says before walking away.

I was left with mixed emotions. It took him rejecting me and me finding my second chance mate to realize his mistake.

This entire time we could be happily in love but he didn't want me at the beginning. No matter the damage he's done to me, I'll still always care about him.

He was my original mate and what scares me is that sometimes the bond someone has with their original mate can over power the one with their second chance mate.

I care deeply for Ares, but it's hard to fully give in to the bond when im partly bonded to my original mate until he marks someone.

I don't know why he didn't mark the girl he kept fucking with, but i guess in a way it's a good thing he didn't because he would have felt the pain of losing someone when she got murdered by my uncle's minions.

I was torn between the two. I guess i never had let Ares mark or mate with me because somewhere deep down i knew i would feel guilty.

Guilty for being with another man besides cole, even if Ares is my second chance mate.

But my bond with Ares stronger than mine and coles.

I was just one mess of emotions.

"We've got a rogue in the cells!" My brothers urgent voice broke me out my confusing thoughts.

He looked at me with pity, i know he can feel my confusion.

"We're ordered to question them. Lets go" he informs, i nod my head and follow him towards a small building that looked like a shed made of metal.

There were no windows only a single metal door.

"So how do we have a rogue in questioning?" I ask.

"It was stupid enough to cross our territory and i was able capture the vermon and bring him here. The reason we are called to question them is because we are the only ones strong enough to keep them tamed. Everyone else still needs a little training" he says as we decend down the stairs that led to underground cells.

The smell of rotting corpses and waste hit me like a ton of bricks and it took all my strength not to vomit.

We reached a silver door at the end of the long dark hallway. With gloves Jake shoved the key in and opened the door.

A thin muscular man sat in the corner with silver chains around his neck, wrists and feet. His clothes were tattered and torn and his shaggy hair reached to his shoulders. He watched us like a hawlk with blazing red eyes and frowned.

"You two are the so called guardians we've all heard so much about?" He asks with disbelief.

I growled a warning at him, me and my wolf not liking his tone.

"Chill, i just meant that i expected you guys to be extremely buff and scary looking but if the moon goddess thinks you are fit for this role then so be it" he shrugs nonchalantly.

"Lets cut to the chase. What do you want mutt?" Jake snarled viciously. The rogue looked at him with sadness in his eyes and looked down "All of us rogues have heard of the two guardians that can protect all werewolf kind from harm. I came to seek help. Rogues of either vampire or werewolf were captured and forced into slavery by the one who calls himself our 'king'. He forced the vampires to turn us into hybrids so that we will be stronger and faster
In order to take this pack down. None of us wanted this, we knew it we would loose but we have no control in the matter. So i stumbled onto your territory on purpose so i can ask you guys for help" when finished his eyes began to water.

"He murdered our mates. I can't take this anymore. I'm here because I have nothing to loose anymore. Please help us." He pleads.

I look over at jake and he looks at me before looking back at the rogue.

"On one condition. You tell us everything about this 'king' of yours" we say at the same time.


This book is soon coming to an end and I've got two books I've been working on after this. I just don't know which one to post first, but we'll figure that out when it comes to that (:

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