Chapter 20

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Alissa sat in her room, she had been there for about an hour but it felt like an eternity. She was mad at her father, of course, but deep down she knew he was right. She also kept reminiscing what she had said over and over again in her head.
I love him
It scared her, she had never been in love and she wasn't sure if that's how it felt like. She would be so desperate to see him and feeling like she could die right there whenever he smiled, or whenever he would run his hands through his hair; the way he always did when he was nervous, or whenever he would scrunch up his nose whenever he was confused or the way his messy curly hair-
Yeah, she was in love.
She laid down and sighed. She looked at her ceiling like it was the most interesting thing ever. A slight knock on her door distracted her and she looked up, to see Thor. He looked nervous, as if he was scared to interrupt her.
"You knocked! that's a first" she smiled slightly, and he smiled one of his big goofy smile.
"Yeah turns out, we don't do knocking in Asgard, we have big guards by every door so" he shrugged his shoulders and walked over to her bed. He threw himself on the bed, making Alissa jump cause he was heavier than her.
She burst out laughing and he chuckled too.

"So how's my favorite human doing" he asked once the laughter died down.
"She's ..Okay"
Thor moved and was now sitting next to her, resting their backs on the bed frame. He lifts his arm and she smiled a small smile, before leaning in on his shoulder, cuddled up next to him.
"He's gonna be fine, you worry too much, just like your father"

"Yeah...Thor, have you ever been in love?" She asked almost too directly, already regretting her question, she was expecting him to freak out and wonder if she was in love. But he did quite the opposite, he remained calm and sighed a bit.
"Yeah, her name was Jane" he said shortly.
"What was she like?"
"Smart. Way smarter than me" he let out a small chuckle, "she was beautiful as well, but uh somethings don't work out I guess" he breathed out, and then smiling at her. She returned with a smile too.
"Alright kid whatever your experiencing with peter, if it's love or not, just remember-

A loud noise from the front door interrupted them. Alissa looked at Thor before quickly removing himself from her comfy cuddle position, she ran down the stairs and saw him.
Her heart felt like it could drop, he's here and he's safe.
She sprinted down the stairs to see all of them, covered in blood and dust and they all looked tough. Peter looked worse than the others, he had a black eye and bruise marks all over his arms and face. His hair was a mess and his lips were swollen as well.
His eyes met her.
Se felt her eyes getting teary as she ran from her the last step of the stair into his arms. She knew this would draw attention to them, but she knew that the most of the Avengers knew already.
She couldn't help it, tears started falling down her face.
"Thank god you're alive" she said and hugged him tighter.
"Liss you're um hurting my arm" he said and chuckled. She quickly let go once she realized.
"Oh god I'm so sorry, I'm just..I was so worried" she cried and she was still in his arms, her hand was around his neck and she realized how it looked to the others. She let go and distanced herself from him.
"Wow you look really pretty" he said and looked at her.
She rolled her eyes, he had been away for weeks, tortured and god knows what, and thats his first words?
"I'd say you look pretty too but.." she let out a
laugh looking at how rough he looked, she wiped the tears from her face. He laughed too.

NOTES: so I wanted to have a little moment between Thor and Alissa cause they're 🥺💕, hope u guys enjoyed the latest chapter, votes and comments are always appreciated!

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