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"Oh my god Alexis your belly" Natalie runs and hugs me we haven't seen each other in a while she been so busy with her hair salon

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"Oh my god Alexis your belly" Natalie runs and hugs me we haven't seen each other in a while she been so busy with her hair salon.

"I know and I just turn four months I'm huge I don't know why I'm this big."

"You sure it's only one baby in there?"

"Yes me and Damien went to my appointment yesterday to check it's only one baby we seen it ourselves."

"Well you look good though your carrying really well. Pregnancy looks good on you best friend." I rolled my eyes I don't feel pretty this pregnancy especially after everything that happen last month with Summer.

"What I'm a damn blow fish I hate being pregnant. Damien thinks I look so good pregnant. This is definitely my last baby my damn feet are swollen I couldn't even fit them in my heels. My back hurt I gain so much weight and I got a long time still to give birth. By the time I give birth im going to be 300 pounds." I felt like I was about to cry.

"Awe best friend you look really pretty as usual. You only gained weight in your belly no where else love. Stop being so hard on yourself you look damn good pregnant or not." She gave me a hug.

"Your right. How's my favorite brother?" She rolled her eyes and I laughed. "What did Aiden do?"

"I think he cheating on me." We sat down on a set of chairs they had in the mall.

"What are you sure. I honestly can't see Aiden cheating on you Natalie." I hope Aiden didn't cheat on her. He knows everything Damien put me through why would he do that to Natalie.

"He barely ever home and when I call him he barely answers."

"Well you know the boys are really busy with everything."

"No when he do eventually comes home he showers and goes right to sleep. No conversation or nothing. Then his phone rings all night and messages are back to back and it's not his work phone." I feel so bad for my best friend I know that pain.

"Do you look in his phone?" She shook her head no.

"No I'm afraid I don't want to be that girlfriend that looks through they nigga phone. I want to be able to trust him but I don't know."

"Well I say either look through his phone or just sit down and ask him babe. He probably just tired and over worked. Of course there is going to be hoes hitting him up trying to break y'all relationship but don't let them. I can't see Aiden hurting you honestly I just can't see it. He is a good guy Aiden has been there with me through everything I don't think he will hurt you like that."

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