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Coldness washed over my body like waves. I was cold and surrounded by darkness.

I knew it was foolish of me and jake to come here without back up, but of course we felt invincible.

What a stupid thing to think. We may be the protecters of our kind, but that didn't stop us from being taken down.

'Eleanor' my wolfs voice flooded my head.

I only groaned in response. For some reason i couldn't move or open my eyes, it's as if they were glued shut. Not again.

'You need to wake up'

As if that was all i needed, my eyes flew open and i regained feeling and strength in my body. I winced in pain from the side of my neck, that stupid vampire just had to inject me with whatever it is they injected me with.

I gather my surroundings and just like the rogue had described we were in an under ground dungeon type cell. The air smelled of sour rotting flesh, blood caked the stone walls and silver bars caged me in.

A groan to my right caught my attention and i gasped. Jake was chained to the walls, his face was bloodied and bruised, and old looking shorts were on him.

I looked down to see a large shirt over me and i too was chained to the wall.

"Jake?" I whisper yell, i didn't want to create any attention from the guards.

He only groaned in response, my guess is that he woke up before me and they tried getting information out of him.

"Looks like sleeping beauty is finally awake!" A voice boomed cheerfully.

I whipped my head in the voices direction and snarled. A tall muscular man stood on the other side of the silver bars. He had dirty blonde hair with light green eyes, a scowl placed on his face.

He was an exact replica of my mother, except for the eyes. While hers were a white and filled with warmth and love, his was filled with an empty void.

"Ya know, i never expected my sisters children to be the guardians. So imagine how shocked i was when you foolishly stumbled into my territory, but i thank you for that. This just makes it all the better" he snickers and steps closer the bar.

I try to lunge at him but was unsuccessful as the chaines prevented me from doing so. "Tsk tsk tsk. You won't be getting out of those anytime soon. Anyways, you don't look a bit like your mother" he says changing the subject. I just let out a low growl.

"Hmmmm should i be those bad guys like in the movies and reveal my plans to you?" He pretends to look as if he was deep in thought before smiling widely at me "sure why not. You're both going to die" he says with a shrug.

He pulls out a chair from goddess knows where and sits down. His expression was calm, but i knew deep inside he was anything but calm.

He folds his arms and silently stares at me, "you do realize im not the bad guy in all of this, right?" He asks.

I roll my eyes "yeah like im gonna believe that lie" i scoff. This causes jackson to growl "They ripped her away from me and I'M the monster?!" He was angry, but he did have a point.

Doesn't excuse the innocent deaths he's caused in My old pack.

"My poor poor Cecilia. She didn't get killed because she was a vampire, no it's what she saw that got her killed" he laughs humorless.

I look at him with confusion, maybe there's more to the story than i know.

"Long ago your mother and coles father were lovers long before they found their mates. Of course i told her to wait for her mate but she didn't listen to my warnings. Not long after he found his mate, coles mother, they mated and she fell pregnant with cole. Your mother found her mate shortly after, but her heart still belonged to the previous alpha. A year later cole was born and two laters you and your brother were born as well but after all that time your mother never stopped loving Alpha drew" i cut him off with a snarl "lies!" I shout.

He shakes his head sadly "i have no reason to lie. Anyways, one night your mother snuck off to meet up with alpha drew and she fucked him like the whore she is! This caused their mates great pain and coles mother passed away due to the pain, your father however remained alive. He faught through it because the love he had for you guys broke through. My poor mate just happened to stumble upon them so alpha drew and your mother ordered your father to kill her, in fear of their secret getting out. Since me and cecilia were already mated it was unbearable pain and i was filled with rage, i took my own twin sisters life" his voice started to raise and he had a faraway look in his eye, he was lost in his memories.

His grew gold and he clenched the armrests of his chair, "they killed my poor mate. Your father will pay and so will cole. I wasn't originally going to kill you guys, but i have no choice now" he says with a sigh as he stands up. He begins to walk away but pauses and says "but before i kill your precious mate, im going to make you watch as i tear him piece by peice like i had to do when they killed my mate" and with that he leaves.

"No wonder dad never talked about her" jake mutters and i gasp. I try to go to him but the chains stop me and i let out a growl of frustration "are you okay?" I ask frantically.

Jake spits blood on the floor and chuckles "never been better" sarcasm dripped from his voice.

"We need to get out of here before they come after us. They'll just walk into their own deaths" the thought of Ares and cole dying pained me.

"Without us they'll fail!" I cry out, "doubt we can take these people down if we could hardly take down eight of them" jake growls.

He has a point, but i refuse to believe we won't win. My mother may have lied to me about happened but I'll be damned to let the part about us winning, be a lie too.

"Don't worry i'll think of something" jake reassures and i just nod, i was lost in thought.

I felt guilty for the things my mother had done. How could she not love her mate?


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