Golden Nostalgia

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| Tsukiko's POV |

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| Tsukiko's POV |

For the last year and a half of my life I have watched my past family grow and blossom even more, it was upsetting and deeply saddening at times, I wished I was there so dearly, but the past couldn't be rewritten or it would mean that the future would also be severely damaged, and although I was the strongest that I had ever been, I straight up refused to try and mess with history and the future. That might sound weird as a part of a kitsune's extra magic has to do with space and time, mine was just simply not strong enough, even after all my training. I think it never will be, to alter the course of history and damage the fragile line that was the future seemed to much a risk and with that risk came all the consequences, so even if I could pull it off, I would be put in extreme danger. If a human were to try this, it would cost them their life, and although I am immortal, I would still be reducing myself to my weakest form.

I had spent this last six months with Rusalka, just working on spells and abilities we could use when I called for her. We had both grown a lot stronger, as I had a highly capable spirit in my roster now, alongside all of my slightly weaker ones, and she had a master who was becoming stronger every day. We helped each other in all types of ways as well. I helped her make her spirit magic stronger, and she helped me obtain more types of spirits, mainly water ones as that was her strongest aspect.

For me to obtain a spirit, I have to fight them first to even see if they have any abilities that could help me out, like healing or boosting their allies. Even things like flight and the ability to breath underwater are good, as this allows me to explore so much more than I previously could. After my fight with the animal or animals, I have to make a deal with them, much like a celestial spirit wizard does when forming a pact with their spirit, except mine is a little different. They have to agree to live under me and do whatever I say, meaning that they agree to be called out whenever I need them. I never really have an issue with this part, however, there is always one thing that takes a while for them to agree on, and that is that they have to die to live in my care. Then I invite them into my world, the one I created for all my spirits to live and rest in, I allocate them to the best setting for them and they live in my little world. After this, that spirit is mine to keep. There is also another way, that is much easier but more tragic. If the animal is already dead, then I can talk to their spirit and ask them if they want to live under my care for the rest of my life, again they normally agree.

This is how Rusalka came into my care, she was already dead, so I just needed her to agree, and she did. I am extremely thankful that she did this, I had been along for so long by that time, and although I had my spirits, I needed human contact too. Before I was exhaled from my previous home, I had a few very close friends, she was probably the closest to me when I lived there, so that made things a lot easier after she came into my care. She liked gushing about how strong I had become and how she was happy that I still remembered her after all the years of me being on Earthland. She said that everyone that cared about me back home missed me dearly and would probably kill to be in her position. We spoke for hours and hours about all that had changed about me and her, I told her of all my heartbreak down here with leaving friends and family behind every time the trials started again. She asked me why I joined if I knew I would have to leave at some point. I said it was because I could feel like I had a family again, even for a little bit. She herself told me that back home, things had taken a turn for the worst, beings were being outcasted just because they mentioned my name or had any sort of relationship with me. I felt so angry at myself for not trying to defend myself better, I was only young when I was exhaled, so many people cared for me. Another factor that added to this fact was that there was only a couple of my race where I lived, it was a gift to be accepted there, and I had done one horrible thing to be punished and exhaled for eternity, and even after I was gone, my friends where still being punished by what I done.

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