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I gave myself a pep talk and a few people want me to keep writing this book. I preferably don't care if alot of people read it, it could be two people and i would keep updating cause i wouldn't want to let them down lol.
Another thing. My book has made #77 in werewolf! It may not seem like a lot buuuttt to me im very happy about it!

Anyways after a while of thinking I've found a way on how i want to make this come to a close (no this is not the last chapter)

Anyways enjoy!




"That story wasn't something i was expecting" jake admits. I had to agree, it baffled me how my mom had a mates do even had children with him but yet still slept with someone else.

We sat there in an uncomfortable silence. The room smelled horrid and the cold nipped at my skin.

"I have to pee" jake whisperes finally breaking the silence. I scrunch my nose up in disgust "hold it in" there is no way im letting him go in here, especially since we are both in the same cell.

He looks at me with a pained expression "Ela i can't hold it in" he says sheepishly.

My eyes widen "you better not! Or so help me I'll kill you myself" i shriek in horror. "Well where else am i supposed to go? I don't see a bucket and plus im chained to the wall" he shouts back.

"Im sorry" he mutters and i frantically press my body closer to the wall in attempt to get away from jake.

The smell of urine filled the air and let out a gag "you're dead" i growled.

In books i always wondered how the prisoners went to the restroom, i guess this is how.

It's only been a day and he's already needing to use the restroom. He didn't even drink anything on the way here so i don't understand how he possibly needs to go.

"Well that was amusing" a very familiar voice says. The smell of rogue hits me like a ton of bricks and it took all my strength not to snarl and gag.

I bring my attention to where the voice came from and gasped, "you!".

The rogue lets out a chuckle and leans his face closer to the bars "yes indeed it is me. How foolish of you guys to believe me. Didn't your parents teach you that all rogues lie?" His eyes glint with amusement.

He pulls out a small key and slides it in the keyhole of the cell door, he opens and strides in. I let out a snarl, this was a trap!

"Awwe is the wittle wolf mad?" He says and fake pouts. I snarl at him viciously causing him to let out a laugh. "How did you even escape?" Jakw questions with a growl.

The rogue brings his attention to him and smiles "wasn't easy, that stupid mate of hers kept getting in the way but i had help" he explains. I attempt to lunge at him but the chains held me back, a slight crack in the wall formed from my harsh tugging. "I swear if you touched him im going to rip you apart!" My wolf roars threw me causing my voice to get deeper.

He just lets out a laugh as if i said the funniest thing in the world, "relax. That stupid alpha of yours is fine. Im not allowed to kill him yet" he wipes a tear from laughing and i look at jake in confusion.

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