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Post Epilogue ♡


August 5, 2020 •

"Of course I don't mind, Daddy," Brenna assured her father over the phone, "you know I love spending time with her, every chance I can get."

Bucky smiled crookedly at his love as he entered the kitchen. Her cellphone was held in place between her head and shoulder while she multi-tasked, putting together some sandwiches. "Oh, I can come pick her up," Brenna offered.

Walking around the island to Brenna, Bucky took his stand beside her and held the phone for her. She smiled up at him brightly and mouthed, thank you. Then, she continued to talk to Tony, "alright, if you insist. Any time works, I don't have plans today." There was a pause as Tony talked through the other end. "Love you, too," she sang, "see you then."

Moving the phone away from her ear, Bucky looked at the screen and hung up for her. Seeing that it was Tony that she was talking to, he smiled and asked, "Tony and Pepper going out tonight?" Brenna nodded excitedly, making Bucky grin; he knew what that meant.

• • •

Brenna and Bucky walked down to the front entrance of the new Avemgers Facility together after getting the 'here' text from Tony. Outside, they found Tony kneeling on the pavement infront of a young girl. Though Bucky couldn't hear what was being said, Brenna could easily pick up on it. "Now, you be good for your sister, Morgan, okay?"

"Okay," Morgan mumbled, then hugged her father's neck.

When she let go, Tony looked over to where his oldest stood at the entrance with Bucky. He smiled over at them, then sent Morgan over.

"Hi there, little monster," Brenna greeted Morgan as the two-year old bulldozed right past her to Bucky.

"Hi Benna!" Morgan shouted as she immediately attatched herself to Bucky's calf. Looking up at the Winter Soldier, her eyes sparkled. "Hi Butt."

Yes, Butt. Being only two years old, it was still difficult for Morgan to pronounce some consonants. R's, K's, and L's were a challenge. So Bucky, was Butt. And the other Avengers, especially Steve and Sam, got a real kick out of that.

"Hey, Morgan," Bucky greeted in a happy voice, "you gonna let go, or am I supposed to walk like this?"

Morgan only tightened her grip around his leg. Brenna laughed as she began to walk back inside. "Come on, slow-poke," she called back to Bucky teasingly.

Winking down at Morgan, Bucky began to move. He made sure to lift the leg she was on higher than usual, wanting her to enjoy the ride. With each step he took, she let out a shrill, squeaking laugh that melted Bucky's heart. Morgan only let go when they reached the giant living room. "COLORS," she yelled, running over to a corner of the room that had been designated for her crayons and coloring books.

Brenna was already there, knowing that Morgan would immediately want to color when she arrived. Bucky followed the little ball of energy with a small chuckle. The three sat down together and Morgan got to work.

She pulled out numerous coloring books and spilled a few boxed of crayons all over the floor. She threw one of the books down infront of Brenna, and then one in front of Bucky, before getting her own ready. The two adults shared a warm smile and began to spend their time with Morgan coloring.

• • •

Brenna had just gotten out of the shower around 10:00 pm. She dressed herself quickly, wanting to check in on Morgan. Out in the living room, she found Bucky cleaning up the crayons from earlier. She walked over to him and asked, "where's Morgan?"

Bucky put the last box back together and stood. He nodded his head in the direction of the couches. There, Brenna saw a tent of blankets and pillows. "She fell asleep," Bucky reported with a small laugh, "figured we could let her stay there tonight."

"Considering how hard it is to get her to fall asleep," Brenna began in a hushed voice, "I agree." She then smirked up at Bucky and asked, "since when do you know how to build a pillow fort like that?"

Bucky shrugged and smiled almost shyly. "I looked it up," he answered with a bashful grin, "she wanted a castle, so I did my best."

Brenna nodded in approval and raised her eyebrows. "Well, I'm impressed," she complimented, taking Bucky's hand and looking up at him sith dreamy eyes. She then began to lead him over to the couch that was across from Morgan's fort.

As they sat down, Bucky prepared himself to say something that he'd been wanting to say for a while now. His heartbeat picked up as he took a deep breath. "Plus, I'll need the practice" he added as casually as possible, "you know, in case we ever have one of our own."

He didn't know what kind of reaction he was expecting from Brenna. But he definitely didn't think that she would frown the way she did. "O-oh," she stuttered, sounding uncharacteristically nervous. "Bucky, I don't..I'm not sure I..."

Bucky's smile faded as well. He hugged Brenna to his side and tried to insist. "You'd be a great mom, B, I mean, the way you are with Morgan.." He trailed off.

"No, I mean," Brenna went on awkwardly, "I..can't." She finally met the eyes of her love again.

Bucky's eyebrows drew down in sympathy. "Baby, I'm sorry, I didn't know," he empathized, taking one of her hand into both of him.

"It's okay, Bucky," Brenna insisted with a small smile. She then laughed lightly and gestured over to Morgan's fort. "I don't think I could do this full-time anyway; too many lives to save."

Bucky gave her a half smile. He was upset for Brenna, learning that she could never have a kid of her own. He could only assume that had something to do with her heart condition. Perhaps there were somethings that even the sun opal couldn't correct. "Well, you got that right," he agreed in a soft voice.

"But hey," Bucky added in a more positive voice. Brenna looked up at him curiously. "You'll make one hell of an aunt, someday."

Brenna giggled and let herself fall into Bucky's chest. "And you'll be a great uncle, babe," she assured. Then, she sighed and added suggestively, "you know, once you finally man up and ask me to marry you, that is."

Bucky's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He looked down at Brenna and asked her playfully, "and what makes you think I'll do that?" Of course, he did plan on asking her the big question. Very soon. He'd already made sure that Tony was okay with it, and made him promise to keep it a secret for now. So far it seemed that Brenna still had no idea that this was being planned already.

Brenna rolled her eyes at Bucky and playfully punched his chest. He chuckled at this, then there was silence once again. That is, until a small, sleepy voice came from the blanket fort. "Butt?"

Bucky sighed and grinned. "Out here, little one," he replied.

Morgan popped her head out of the fort, hair all tangled from her nap. "I wan cereal," she declared.

With a warm smiled, Bucky stood up and walked over to Morgan, who was still half-way in the fort. He bend down poked her nose, causing her to smile. "O's or Flakes?" He asked.

Brenna smiled as she watched them interact. It was a shame that they could never have a kid of their own, but helping to raise her little sister would be more than a blessing.

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