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I held back a scream as the rogue from the other day landed a punch to my cheek.

"Let us go you psycho. We were babies when all this happened, we had no control" jake snarled.

The rogue shook his head and let out a humorless laugh, "your father killed my mom all because your mother cheated on her mate with alpha coles father causing my mother to get killed for walking in on them" he tells us.

What a sick twisted family we have. First i find out my uncle killed my mother, who turns out cheated on my father with my ex mates father, then they killed my uncles mate for catching them in the act. Now our own cousin is torturing us for something we had no control over.

"This family is crazy" jake mutters to himself voicing my thoughts.

Ignoring jakes comment, our cousin -who's name i still don't know- pulls a whip out of the duffle back he brought with him when he came down in here.

"Enie meanie miney moe" he goes back and forth with his finger from me to jake and finally landing on me.

I internally groan, but I'd rather take the beating than let jake get more hurt than he already is. We are guardians for pete sakes, shouldn't we be stronger than these chains?

Deciding to test my theory i lightly tug on the chains and the sound of the wall cracking made me smile, but that joy was cut short when pain errupeted on my thighs.

Blood oozed out of where the whip landed. I clenched my teeth together and growled, "toughin up, this isn't as nearly as bad as im going to do" he scoffs.

He raised the whip up in the air but froze when a familiar howl echoed throughout the air followed by many other howls.

Chills ran up and down my spine.

'Mate' cloud yipped happily.

"What the hell? Why is the king here?" The rogue dropped his whip and rushed out of the cell door, forgetting to close it.

I grinned and looked at jake "pull on the chains. We can break out of here" i demonstrate by yanking the chains out of the wall with a simple tug.

Jakes eyes widen and a grin forms on his face as he does the same. I stand up on shaky legs, my wounds began to heal and all that was left on my legs and cheek was dry blood.

"No!" Jake shouted frantically and i looked at him with confusion, "what?".

"Molly's here. She'll get hurt! I need to get to her" he rushes out of the cells leaving me behind.

A guard rushed into the cell and lunged for me. I growled and grabbed him by the hair and bashed his head against the wall knocking him out cold.

Luckily everyone was to busy fighting to notice me run past them and out into the field.

A few dead wolves and vampires littered the ground.

Growls and hisses filled the air.

Before i could move, cold skinny hands latched onto my neck from behind. Their nails piercing into my skin and their hot breath fanned my neck.

I slammed my elbow back and into the vampires stomach causing her to fall to the ground. She let out a hiss, her eyes turning pitch black and her fangs lengthening.

She lunged at me but i was quick enough to grab both sides of her head.

With a quick swift motion i ripped her head off causing blood to spray all over me and bile rose up from my throat.

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