Chapter 23 : Acceptance

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Lavanya eyes remained fixed on her father, this was not the way she wanted him to find out and the look of confusion in his face nearly made her falter. Vihaan's hands that were holding her was gone the instant he saw her father, and sadly Lavanya felt the loss as she walked up to her father alone.

Lavanya knew her father, he would never make it known even if he had been hurt by her actions. So when she reached his side and hugged him. He simply held her and to Lavanya it meant the whole world. It may not be acceptance of them but she needed his support more than ever.

" Let us go inside, everyone is waiting for you " Arjun uncle's voice broke her out her thoughts as she walked inside the house with her father all the awhile hoping Vihaan would understand even when she left him alone with Akash.

To Lavanya, her father had been everything. And she refuse to hurt him by her actions and yet she couldn't keep her eyes from drifting towards Vihaan for the next five minutes, she was glad that her brother took over her job as he remained by Vihaan's side .

From the moment they entered Arjun uncle's house Yuv remained with Vihaan and Akash, and it relieved her and at the same time she didn't want Vihaan to think she abandoned her, she needed to talk with her father first before approaching him again . She just couldn't leave her father's side without making sure he was okay .

But so far they didn't get a chance to talk, as from the moment she stepped inside someone or other was making their way to talk with her , the recent one had been Arnav's mom. Who was concerned about her son .

" Lavanya can't you talk to her, she will not say no to you? " Lekha aunty spoke up, and Lavanya realised the split between Arnav bhai and Gauri affected the entire family .

" I already did aunty, she said no. I am sorry " Lavanya answered back truthfully , whatever Gauri feelings are regarding Arnav bhai she doesn't know, not any longer. As Lekha aunt left them, she couldn't breathe a sigh of relief because finally she was alone with her father .

" We were going to say dad, but the court case changed everything we planned " Lavanya spoke up not willing to look at him, she didn't want to see hurt in his face .

" Okay Princess. Now go and keep them company, it is rude for you to ignore them when you invited them " her father's answer was not what she expected, she didn't know if his admission was more of a support or just a way to prolong the discussion till another time.

As she made her way back to Vihaan and Akash, she saw Yuv had been busy introducing her younger cousins to them. She smiled at her brother's animated conversation, it as always been Arnav bhai who was the older and protective brother for her and Kavya and since the three of them have grown up, looking after their younger cousins fell on her brother who was the oldest among them .

" And this is Sanjana, the youngest of us all .Practically a baby " Yuv's voice held a hint of teasing and Sanju only smiled in return not getting offended the least, that when he turned to look at her, and Lavanya felt a tug of emotion at his despair, he was clearly keeping his emotions hidden from the rest of them .


Vihaan felt helpless , wondered if he was no longer invited . He knew Lavanya's parents were made of kindness, but he didn't know how far it would extend, after a brief pat on his shoulder, her cousin went with his father to mingle with others leaving Vihaan alone with Akash.

He was thankful that Yuv choose to keep them occupied and yet his eyes strayed towards her standing beside her father in nervousness. Did it stem from keeping them in the dark, or because she knew it would be hard for them to accept him .

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