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"Say goodbye, because you are going to pay! You're ALL going to pay!"

My father looked at him with pity "Don't take your anger out on them. I know how you feel, i lost my mate too" he says softly.

Jackson shook his head "no! You don't understand! You killed my mate over something small. She didn't deserve to die" he shrieks and grips onto the sides of his head.

"And neither do these people" my father shouts back.

Jackson let out a terrifying growl as he shifted into a large wolf and charged at my father.

My father shifted into his wolf and charged at jackson as well just as another wolf identical to jacksons lunged at my father from behind.

I tore my body out of Ares's grip and shifted into my large black wolf. Before jackson had the chance to reach my father i clamped my jaws onto his hind leg and dragged his body away from my father causing him to yelp in surprise and pain.

Jake had our cousin pinned to the floor before he could reach our father.

Jackson turned his attention on me and snarled, his teeth bared causing spit to fly out of his mouth, and his ears pressed against his head.

I bit harder onto his leg and a sickening crack echoed throughout the air.

Jackson howled in pain just as jake ripped his sons throat out. Now he was truly left with no one.

What a cruel fate to have. I don't blame him for doing the things he did, in a way i understand his pain.

Just because mine and coles bond wasn't as strong as mine and Ares didn't mean that it didn't hurt when he died, but since i had a second chance mate the bond i had with cole was gone and the bond i have with Ares grew.

Poor jackson didn't get the satisfaction of meeting his second chance mate. If only my mother didn't open her legs for someone else besides her mate, none of this would have happened.

I didn't know my mom, but that moment she had visited me i felt like i could trust her. I guess i was wrong, she didn't tell me the full story and instead made her brother be the bad guy.

Jackson twisted his body so he was on his back and kicked me in the face with his good hind leg, his claws dug into my cheek as he kicked me leaving a gash.

I ignored the pain and pinned him down with my front paws before he could move. I closed my eyes and sunk my teeth into this throat.

At least he'll be with his mate.

I jerked my head up and in result i tore out his throat. His body went limp and his lifeless eyes stared at nothing.

Vampires hissed before dashing off into the night, they were too fast to be stopped. As for the rogues, Ares's guards and warriors had them surrounded.

"Wow, what a crazy night. Who's hungry?" Jakes voice breaks the uncomfortable silence followed by a smack on the head.

"Ow! What was that for?" He whined.

I look over to see him in shorts from god knows where and his arm wrapped protectively around molly who wore an over sized t-shirt with baggy shorts.

"Idiot, how can you be thinking about food in a time like this?" she hissed.

"Here", Ares handed me grey sweats and a red long sleeve shirt. I grabbed them with my jaws and padded behind a tree to shift.

"Well for one im hungry, and two i didn't know them to care about them enough" jake tells her with a shrug.

I silently walk over to Ares, he pulls me into his embrace and kisses my forehead "lets get back to your old packs territory. There's much that needs to be done, we need to throw these rogues into cells and seeing is cole has sadly passed away your father has to step up as alpha. Also we need to plan a funeral for those who have fallen. But first we are going to get you into a nice warm bath and rest. I'll have Elijah take care of everything".

Not being able to say anything i just not my head.

"Jump" he whisperes in my ear and i obey. I wrap my legs around his waist and he quickly grips my thighs so i don't fall.

Exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks and i lay my head onto Ares shoulder enjoying the comforting feeling i got and the tingles that spread throughout my body.

The walk back went by fast but that's probably because i was asleep for the entire time.

"Elijah have the rogues thrown into the cells and interrogated" Ares ordered loudly, causing me to wake up but i left my eyes closed not ready to face the world.

"Yes sir" Elijah replied followed by feet pounding on the ground.

"My king!" A feminine voice said frantically.

My curiosity got the best of me and i slowly opened my eyes to see a short pregnant lady. She had short brown hair and brown eyes that were filled with fear and sadness.

"Our alpha. I..is he alright?" Her voice cracked and her eyes began to water, i knew she knew the answer but she just needed to be sure that her theory was correct.

"Im sorry. I suspect you already know the answer to that. There will be a new alpha established but for now we need to worry about funerals and the injured" he tells her gently.

She nods her head and sniffles before walking back to where she came from.

"Why don't we just combine their pack with yours? Im technically supposed to be their luna and now they're without a luna and an alpha" i suggest.

Ares looks at me in surprise. Clearly he didn't notice i was awake.

"Yes i suppose you are right. Lets not worry about that right now, we have other things to worry about and you need rest" he places a kiss on my forehead and carries me into the packhouse.

He walks into a random guest room on the first floor and gently places me on the bed. "Where's my brother and father?" I ask.

Ares walkes into the restroom, leaving the door open, and turns the shower on. "Jake went off somewhere else with molly, and your father went to interrogate the rogues with Elijah" he shouts.

I nod my head completly forgetting that he can't see me and i crawl under the covers.

Right now i just wanted to sleep and forget about everything that's happened, and that's exactly what i did.


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