Chapter 16

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Sitting down in the seat at the restaurant, Jared winces. Sebastian really did a number on me, Jared thinks.

After the mall incident Sebastian took Jared home, spanked him and then fucked him like there was no tomorrow.

Just thinking about it, caused Jared to shiver and lick his lips, now hungry for something else other than food.

Anyway, after a good fuck Jared and Sebastian decided to cuddle in front of the couch, while catching up on Supernatural. While, watching a rather gory scene Jared got a text from Dylan, asking him if he wanted to meet up tomorrow morning. At first, Jared was going to say no, but after thinking for a moment he decided to say yes, cause it's been awhile since it was just him and Dylan, having a conversation, without Sebastian. In fact, he didn't even tell Sebastian about Dylan and him getting together. A small part of him felt a bit guilty for not telling Sebastian, but a larger part of him thinks just because they're doing...whatever they're doing, doesn't mean he has to get permission to have breakfast with his best friend since high school. So, as soon as he woke up he got up, took a shower, brushed his teeth, got dressed and left. He knew Sebastian would wake up and find him gone, but he couldn't bring himself to care.

Shifting a bit, to make himself comfortable in the chair Jared looks at the menu that's been placed in front of him, wondering what he's going to get. "Maybe, I should get the strawberry pancakes, since they look good," He mumbles.

"Haven't you had enough sugar?"

Jared jumps, startled. Looking up, Jared watches as a smiling Dylan sits down in the seat across from him. Immediately a waitress comes and sets a menu in front of Dylan. He doesn't even say thank you. Then again Dylan doesn't ever say thank you when he's not in front of important people.   

Jared gives him a smile and sets down the menu. "There's no such thing as too much sugar." Dylan rolls his eyes at that and looks down at the menu. "So, have you decided what you're getting to drink," Dylan asks. Jared shakes his head and looks down at his menu, quickly flipping to the drinks section and quickly scanning it. "Hmm... I'm going to go with the Irish coffee." Dylan hums and nods, looking at his menu, before saying, "I'm just going to get some apple juice." Jared raises a brow. Usually he gets alcohol. Seeing the surprise on Jared's face, Dylan also raises a brow. "What?" Jared raises his other brow and a 'really' look. "You didn't get a drink with alcohol." Dylan shrugs and says, "I don't always drink alcohol." Jared gave him another look and Dylan laughed. "Okay, okay, I'm not drinking, because I want to have this conversation with a clear head." Jared tenses. He should've known. "And what conversation would that be," Jared asks. Dylan opens his mouth when a waiter comes out with a pen and a small notebook. "Hi, I'm Josh and I will be you waiter today," The boy says. "What would you like to drink." Jared quickly rattles off his drink, looking at Dylan warily, while Dylan says his order with a coolness that unnerves Jared.

The boy writes down the order and looks up again with a soft smile. "And do you know what you would like to eat," the boy asks. "Or would you like some more time." Jared looks a Dylan.

"We'd like some more time," Dylan answers. The boy nodes and walks away, leaving Jared alone with Dylan. No, Jared inwardly shouts. Come back.

He didn't want to be alone with Dylan. Clearing his throat he turns his full attention on Dylan, and bravely asks, "what did you want to talk to me about?" For a few moments Dylan just stares at Jared. He opens his mouth to say something when the waiter comes with their drinks. "An Irish coffee and apple juice." He sets them down in front of each man. "No what would you like to eat?" He pulls out the small notebook and pen from his pocket, looking at each of the men. "I would like strawberry waffles and caramel French toast." Their waiter writes down Jared's order and turn to Dylan. "And sir, what would you like to eat." Dylan glances at his menu. "Pecan Muffins and 2 slices of banana caramel pecan pie." Jared would've laughed and teases Dylan about his hypocritic actions, but was too tense to do so.

The waiter walks away and finally, Dylan answers Jared's question. "You and Sebastian." Jared freezes and he's sure all the color has drained from his face. Him and Sebastian? "What about us," Jared asks, carefully. Dylan takes a sip of his apple juice. "You and Sebastian have gotten close," he states. Jared clenches his cup of coffee in a knuckle white grip. "I don't know what you're talking about." As soon as those words leave his mouth he regrets it. With Dylan you have to think your words carefully and never get defensive, because that lets him know you're hiding something. And if he knows you're hiding something he's going to find out. No matter what.

Jared sighs and holds back a grimace. "Why Jared I know you're hiding something, no need to lie." Dylan spat the words out with such distaste Jared flinches. "D-D-Dylan I- Why," Dylan interrupts. "Why did both you and Sebastian lie to my face." Jared's hands begin to shake. What should he say? Should he tell him the truth? Should he lie? What would he do if he knew? Hot coffee spills from his cup and onto Jared's hands. Cursing, he drops the cup on the table and grabs a napkin to wipe the burning liquid off his skin. The whole time Dylan just stares at him.

Once he gets the hot coffee off his now red hands, he takes a glance at Dylan, before redirecting his gaze to the table. "Um..." Jared takes a deep breath and clenches his fist. "Sebastian and I had a fling not too long ago," he starts. "And I guess it seems as if we're still having a fling, but that's because Sebastian's about to fire his assistant. He's kind of torn up about how he's going to tell her without being too harsh so I've been helping him and the only reason we didn't tell you is because you would've called him a pussy." It's half-truth, half lie. They didn't have a fling, they do have a fling and yes Sebastian might be torn up about his assistant, but that's not why they're together. And the reason they didn't tell Dylan was because they knew it wouldn't end well.

Jared doesn't look up from the table. He doesn't breathe. He doesn't want to look into Dylan's eyes and have him realizes that most of the stuff he said, was a lie. But faith has other plans. With a finger under his chin, Jared's head is lifted and his eyes connect with Dylan's. Please, he pleads. Please believe me. Moments pass.   

"Okay," Dylan sighs, removing his finger from under Jared's chin. The breath that Jared was holding, whooshes out. "Okaaay, you're okay with it or okaaay, you're gonna kill me." Dylan rolls his eyes and laughs. "I mean okay. I'm not happy that you kept it a secret and you're right, I was going to call Sebastian a pussy." This time it's Jared's turn to roll his eyes and laugh. "So, what about you're assistant," Dylan asks. Jared smiles and talks on and on about how awesome Justin is and when their food arrives they switch on to Dylan and his looking out for an assistant. They finish their food and wrap up the conversation, before leaving and going their different ways.

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