Under suspicions

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Summer was slowly fading away leaving the fall to take over the small town between the hills. The trees were trembling under the caress of the wind and the sun was preparing for his journey to other places.

Life followed its natural course for the people of Goodharts. Andrew was not news anymore. Everything was slowly going back to normal.

Except for Ferry. Andrew's arrival has set his parents apart even more than before. His mother seemed to have resigned herself, finding refuge in her daily chores. She's never been a chatty person. Now, her silence spoke volumes.

At school, Andrew was friendly with everyone and he was loved by his classmates and teachers. He was always smiling, always paying attention in class, and always kind to everyone. Andrew turned out to be one of the most popular students in school in the shortest amount of time. The girls in particular seemed to look for his company. But even the boys seemed to enjoy his presence. For that matter, Billy Pride was seeing him with suspicious eyes. He still hasn't forgotten their first meeting. This boy looked just too good to be true.

Even at running, Andrew proved to be the best, beating Ferry who's been the fastest boy in Goodharts until then. Which seemed to particularly delight Billy. Maybe he didn't like Andrew, but he despised Ferry more.

"Well, it looks like you're a failure in pretty much everything, Donovan," he said after the race ended.

"You lost your touch, Ferry," his gym teacher told him, shaking his head in disapproval. "What happened?" Then, turning to Andrew, "Congratulations, Andrew! Well done!"

"Thanks!" Andrew simply said. "Ferry, we can train together if you like."

"No, thanks," said Ferry and walked away, still in disbelief about what just happened. He knew his friends were in the audience, at the edge of the sports field. They were always there, cheering and jumping with joy each time he won. Now, he felt like he had let them down. But most of all, he felt disappointed with himself that he had lost in front of May who was also in the audience. He looked at her for a second. When their eyes met, he could read the confusion in her eyes.

He wiped off the sweat on his forehead and left the sports field without saying a word. At school, things were not going well either. Ferry couldn't focus and his grades were the proof of that. He was a good student. He's never been brilliant in Math, like Ben. But he was the best in Biology. Or at least, he had been.

Mr. Robert Adams, the Biology teacher had noticed, the change and called Ferry to his office. He was one of the few young teachers of the high school and has moved to Goodharts recently. He had innovating ideas about teaching and he always encouraged his students to do their best in everything. Ferry was one of his favourite students. He was always intrigued by the boy's ability to understand plants, animals, and nature in general. As if he could, somehow, communicate with them all.

Ferry entered Mr. Adams's office with a frowned face.

"Did you call me, Mr. Adams?"

"Come in, Ferry, come in. I wanted to have a chat with you."

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