Chapter 22

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It had been a few hours. They both took turns to visit her in the room as the doctor only allowed one person at a time. They both ended up sitting in the uncomfortable plastic chairs outside. Alissa could see how hurt her father looked, she rarely saw him like this. Nat had been a big part of his life for well, almost 20 years now.
But Steve was more hurt, she knew that. Alissa always knew that Nat and Steve had a special connection. He had come to to the hospital a few times but he never stayed long, Alissa never knew why, maybe he just couldn't stand being there whilst Natasha looked so helpless.
Alissa sighed and tilted her head to her fathers shoulder.
"Liss you can go home, I'll stay here the night" Tony said softly and stroke her hair. She tilted up to look at him and he smiled a soft smile.
"I won't be able to sleep anyway" she said and went back to her position on his shoulder. He nodded and they stayed like that for ..god knows how long.

She managed to fell asleep, for how long she didn't know. Her eye suddenly woke up and she looked at her side to see Tony not there. She yawned and stood up, her back hurt from sitting in the uncomfortable chair for hours.
"Oh you're awake" she heard footsteps from the end of the hall to see Tony, he had two coffee cups in his hands.
"don't worry you slept for like 10 mins" he said and gave one of the coffee cups to her. She smiled.
"any updates?"
He sighed and sat back on the chair.
"no, Steve and Sam said they'll drop by soon though"
She nodded and looked at the clock, it was 5am. They probably couldn't sleep either. She looked at her phone to see a few texts from Peter.


Hey, idk if ur awake. any updates on Natasha?

hi, no not yet. Will you be able to drop by  anytime soon?

Peter 💓
I don't know, May probably won't let me leave the apartment for weeks now haha.
have you been able to sleep?

no :(

me neither. May just said I can come by in a few hours! I'll see you <3


She took a deep breath and sighed. She couldn't imagine what peter was feeling right now, he probably felt like all this was his fault, after all she did risk her life for his. She knew that all this reminded him of his uncle, she didn't know much of that story, only what the newspaper and tony had to say about it. He rarely talked about him, and she didn't wanna pressure him.
suddenly she heard footsteps from the end of the wall. She turned away to see Sam and Steve walking in, they were both wearing casual clothes and Steve looked like he had been crying. She walked towards them and Steve opened his arms into a welcoming hug. She sunk in his chest, her head barely reaching his chin.

"I know you love her" Alissa whispered slightly.
she was telling the truth, she knew he loved her, wether she loved him back wasn't clear. But that could've also been because she's really good at hiding her feelings and remaining a straight face.
"What?" He said and let go.
Sam had already walked away and was talking to Tony.
She smirked an amusing smile and she could see behind his flushy cheeks that she was right.
"Steve, it's pretty fucking clear. You've been in love with her since ever"
He let out a gasp but he didn't deny it.
"No swearing, and that's uncle Steve for you" he chuckled before they both started walking to the others. She smiled to herself.

NOTES: here's a filler episode. This chapter is for my stevenat shippers! the superior ship as we all know ;)

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