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Lucy just frozen, so is Antalia and Emilio felt cold bucket of water is splattered on him.

Antalia couldn't comprehend what she has just heard? Quietly entered the kitchen and sat opposite to her mother and supposed uncle, he is her father, no sperm donor's brother, their flesh and blood, but isn't he is the blood sucker. She is so confused, like all the thoughts and jumbled mess together, and one by one, curve balls are thrown at them.

"Jedrck bring your ass down in kitchen, ASAP" Antalia mind linked her brother.

"Why?" Jed whined back

"Now" Antalia snapped through their mind link.

"well I think I should take my leave.." Emilio tried to take his leave and but, Antalia fixed him with just one stare.

"News flash you can't" snapped Antalia and not so soon Jedrck came too and not sensing the palpable tension in the room.

"what's so important?" Jedrck complained

"well dear brother meet our blood sucker uncle" Antalia took the dig and added "from our sperm donor side"

If it is any other situation Lucy would have laughed loud seeing her son's reaction, but this is not the case.

"Antalia" Jedrck sighed "it's not the time to joke and did you forget? He is vampire, they suck blood and cold blooded, we are hot blooded werewolves," he tries to reason with her.

"that's what I thought dear bro and that's what we going to find out too" and dragged Jed from his arm and threw him in seat besides her.

"so are we going to start or what?" Antalia demanded

"oh well.." Emilio try to find some words but, failing miserably and looked at me with this look, help me please

"What you guys want to know?" Lucy breathed

"Well for starter, how the hell he is our uncle as he says?" Antalia bluntly threw the question out.

"umm... you see" Emilio try to say but, soon his eyes pleaded me to take the lead.

"Antalia manners" Lucy scolded her, Antalia jus scoffed and settled more comfortably in her seat. "well, Emilio parents are unusual pair of mates; his father is werewolf where as his mother is vampire and that to she was only child of head of vampire coven of this particular area, and when they got fated as mate and soon after they had him and his brother, yes twins before you interrupt me Antalia. So one turned to be with wolf genes and other with vampire and yes he is now the leader of vampire coven to this part of country."

"So you are indeed related to our sperm donor" Jed replied and focused all his attention towards Emilio

"yes" Emilio replied

"Are you guy's identical twins?" Antalia asked,

"really" Jed asked his sister

"what this is relevant to ask?" Antalia replied not so affected

"no" Emilio replied to her and added "thank god for that"

"Don't get along with him" Antalia asked curious.

"You can say that" Emilio replied "and I want to say that whatever he is done I have no idea about and if, if I would have knew about you two before I would have definitely be part of your life before but, still I would love to get to know you guys more, only is you and your mom wants it, and I can assure you that nobody will listen of this from and definitely not that asshole."

"well we appreciate it Emilio, we really do" Lucy said "I don't mind you having some part in my kids life, you have never done anything wrong to me and to kids and I also know that both of them appreciate to know their uncle atleast for the time being we are here"

"yeah I would love to know you " Antalia agreed with her mother "it's so cool to know vampire, Waite till I share this with Lilly she is going to lose her mind"

"Lilly" Emilio asked confused

"Her best friend" Jed replied

"oh" was Emilio's response.

Soon both teen were back in their room to entertain their new family member, leaving Lucy and Emilio to have their adult talks.

"so still not big fan of him" Lucy inquired

"hmmm" Emilio hummed and then elaborated "he was always been douche, stupid and I thought he would grow up but, clearly not and when he mated that medusa and the way she treated my mate and I, you can say I never set foot in their territory again. Actually its first time in years, I have been closer to this part of town just to see you, all the rumours surrounding you coming back are real or not." He paused and then continued "I try to reach you but, to no avail. What happened was definitely not your fault? I just wish our families could see that but, they are just stubborn and blinded by lies that your sister and my brother has weaved"

"they don't matter now" Lucy muttered

"of course they do Lucy" Emilio retorted "they are so beautiful kids and any one could see that, and he and my parents missed it. I missed it but, I guess I know what have you felt and wanted to protect them. But, it was his mistake not yours, never yours Lucy"

"Thanks" Lucy appreciated his words and she was also loss of any what to say and repay the kindness he has shown, when everybody failed at it.


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