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A/n: this is a platonic Steve x reader and I hope you guys like it!

You watched as Billy put his hands in front of the Mind Flayer, stopping it from hurting El, you watched as it dug itself into your boyfriend. You sunk to your knees, and started screaming,  it was as if everything went in slow motion. Tears were streaming down your face. You knew that this wasn't gonna end well for Billy. You watched as your boyfriend fell to the ground. You didn't hesitate to run over to him, you actually beat Max there. Billy was apologizing to the both of you. He told he loved you and you said it back. You held onto him, Max had joined in. You felt him take his last breath, and your sobbing became louder. You couldn't breathe, you were gasping for air, as you held your dead boyfriend in your arms.

A paramedic had to pull you and Max off of Billy. He took you outside to an ambulance so that someone could check you out. Steve was frantic, he was able to find all of the kids and check on them, except Max, he also couldn't find you. His eyes were scanning the multiple ambulances, he found Max and checked on her. He asked her where you were and she pointed to the ambulance next to her. He walked over to you and when you saw him, you ran and hugged him.

"He's gone Steve, he's gone" you held onto him tight, almost as if you were to let go, he would be gone too. You had began sobbing again. Your body had gone limp, Steve supported your body weight and led you to the ambulance again. You were crying into his shirt while he was rubbing your back.

After you were cleared to go home, he took you to his house. He brought you to his bathroom, so he could give you some pain medication to help with the headache you had from crying. He also gave you eye drops because your eyes were so red. He led you to his room, he gave you some comfy clothing and left so you could change. He told you that he was going to sleep on the couch in the livingroom, but before he had a chance to leave, you grabbed his wrist and begged him to stay. He stayed with you until you went to sleep. It continued on like this for a week.

You still didn't feel like talking and Steve understood that. You had called Max daily to check on her, she was the only one you wanted to talk to. After another week, you started talking to Steve again. He was so relieved, he suggested watching movies that night and you did. It wasn't until Gremlins started playing that you got upset again.

"Y/N, what's wrong?" Steve didn't really know what to do, you had been 'okay' all day and now you're back to crying.

"This was his favorite movie." Steve nodded and turned off the TV.

"Do you wanna talk about him?" You nodded in response, trying to figure out what you wanted to say first.

"He liked to watch Gremlins because, I think they look funny. When we first saw it, I laughed like really hard. And, he, he uh he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and laughed with me." You fiddled with the hem of your shirt, you were trying to gather your thoughts together before you spoke again.

"We had big plans, Steve. We wanted to get married. We wanted to have a family. If we had a girl, he wanted to name her after Max. We were gonna leave Hawkins and go back to California. He wanted to find his mom so that I could meet her." You were barely understandable, you kept choking on your words, you were just hoping that Steve understood you.

"I'm really sorry Y/N."

"Life is so unfair, why did he have to die? Why did this thing have to target any of us anyway? Why Will? Why El? Why Hop? Why Billy? We're normal people who haven't done anything to deserve this!" Steve didn't have anything to say, you were asking the same questions he's been asking himself since 1983.

"I don't know y/n. I really don't know." You pulled Steve in for a hug.

"He didn't hate you that much, ya know? Like he beat the shit out of you but, he never really hated you. If you knew, what I know, you would understand." Steve had an idea about what you were talking about, he had heard rumors and small details from Max.

"He took his anger out on everyone, except Max and I. Like I know he was such an asshole to Max at first but, I told him that if he didn't shape the hell up, and quit treating Max like shit then we were over." You were still fiddling with the hem of your shirt, your eyes were low.

"Being his girlfriend was hard but, it was also amazing. I don't know what I'm gonna do without him, Steve. I feel so lost. Right now, I'd be at the pool, Mrs. Wheeler would be glaring at me while Billy would help me with my sunscreen." You wiped a tear off of your cheek.

"Wait, why would Mrs. Wheeler glare at you?" You laughed, for the first time in 2 weeks you laughed.

"Because she wanted to fuck him." You watched at Steve's eyes grew bigger.

"Wait what? Karen Wheeler, wanted to fuck Billy? That's gross!" You laughed again.

"I know! I loved watching her try and get his attention and he would just walk past her and sit by me before his shift started. She would glare at me and I would flip her off. One time she told me I needed to have some respect."

"What did you say?"

"I told her that she was like 40 years old and married with 3 kids, and that meant she needed to back off of Billy. She was so pissed!" You were genuinely smiling now, this was the first time in 2 weeks that you were starting to feel like yourself again. Steve was laughing with you but, he noticed that you were starting to feel better.

"Hey, I just wanna say thank you Steve. You've been so patient with me, I don't know how you're able to take care of 6 kids and still help me. You're a great friend." You held Steve's hand as tears were threatening to fall down your face.

"I'd do anything for you Y/N." After your deep conversation you had with Steve, you went home. The first thing you did was opening a box that Billy had given you. It had a bunch of pictures from dates, movie tickets, an old half empty bottle of his cologne, and his necklace that he wore. You took the necklace out and placed it on around your neck. You took the cologne bottle and sprayed some around your room. It was almost like he was there. Almost.

After a year of trying to move on from Billy, you felt like you were okay. You had been hanging out with Steve and Max more. You had also met Steve's cool friend Robin. She was also there when everything happened so, she knew what you were going through and tried to help as best as she could. You were hanging out with them now. Everyone decided to hang out at Steve's house, you were watching movies. For the first time in a long time you felt okay. You felt happy, you were surrounded by people you loved and everything in your life was finally starting to be okay again. All thanks to Steve, Robin, the boys and Max. You had found your own little group, and you knew Billy would be happy for you.

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