Chapter 17

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Hi guys, this chapter is essentially a whole lot of one-shots. It does not contribute a lot to the storyline. I included this just so that Levi's fast-growing affection for Gaia, does not seem too unrooted. Feel free to comment, constructive criticism is welcomed as well. Please share my story to fellow AOT fans. Most of all enjoy.


The few days later...

It was early morning hours. Levi laid in his bed, enjoying the warmth that he was surrounded by. He was no fool, he was well aware that Gaia contributed a lot to that fact and that sharing a bed with her was far from proper, but he could not help himself. He lazily opened his eyes and his gaze came into contact with her sleeping form. Her lips were slightly parted. The shadows played across her face as the dim flicker from his bedside candle's flame danced on its wick. Her long hair spread across her body and his, her long bangs cover half her face, as her head was supported by folded arm. Her hair, truly amazed him. There was so much of it that any person would think that he slept under a black blanket.

He gently removed his arm from beneath the blanket and caressed some of the hair that was on him, he had grown very fond of her hair of the past couple of days. Hanji took t upon herself to personally style it almost every day. He chuckled when remembering the recent disagreement amongst himself and the scouts about his titan's hair.


"You want to do what to her hair?!" Levi growled at Erwin, Eren and Armin,

"C-Captain please, you m-must understand, if we want to be able to t-train her, we ha-" Armin tried,

"-train her to do what !?" Levi cut him off,

"To fight" Erwin explained,

"No," Levi said turning away from them,

"What do you mean 'no'? Her hair is gonna get in the way, it needs to be cut" Eren said,

"No, it does not, because you jobs are not to train her, your jobs are to educate her, that's all" Levi growled out glaring at the scouts around him, Gaia shifted uncomfortably in her seat, sensing something was amiss. Her chair suddenly felt very uncomfortable as Armin inched closer to her.

"Levi, do not be impossible, how else is supposed to defen-" Erwin tried,

"I will protect her!" Levi shouted,

"What about when you are not around or when you are on missions, you can't expect her to be going with you" Erwin rebutted, as Armin pulled out a scissors and swiftly cut of Gaia's hair. As her long luscious ponytail hit the floor, Levi began to see red. He grabbed the closest person to him which happened to be Eren and started pulverizing him. Once Levi's shirt had blood splattered all over it and he had successfully broke a few bones and made him lose consciousness. Levi looked up to see, Armin and Erwin looking at him in shock. He then noticed that his titan's hair had somehow regenerated, just like Eren's teeth during his trail... She remained on the chair holding her hair while looking worriedly at Eren's unconscious form. Levi walked over, picked her up and walked towards the door. He noticed that her eyes did not leave Eren's unconscious form, to which rolled eyes.

"Gaia, he is still alive" Levi muttered, her eyes briefly travelled towards him but then back to Eren. Levi felt a pang of jealousy.

"Take him to the infirmary," Levi growled and left with Gaia.

*End of Flashback*

He caressed the dark tresses. He could not believe that that situation caused him to harbour jealousy. He understood that her feelings for Eren was entirely motherly, but he could not help being angered by the fact that her eyes were not on him. He had become accustomed to her unreadable gaze

*flashback *

It had been a very slow afternoon when Hanji walked into his office, with the usual group scouts in tole. This caused an annoyed tick to form on Levi's forehead,

"Can someone please explain when my office became a place for social gatherings?" he asked scowling, Armin attempted to stutter out an apology, while Hanji ignored his hostility and ran straight to his titan, whom he had placed on a chair right next to his. On most days she would just willingly go with Hanji and Armin to get educated, but on some days she wanted to stay around Levi.

Today was one of those days. She had been fussy that very morning when they had appeared in his room to take her away. They had assumed that it was because she wanted to sleep longer, which had become a less than uncommon occurrence, much the female titan's dismay. However, Levi knew better, they way the now stronger grip of her arms clung to his form that morning he knew there was no way in hell that his titan was to be separated from him that day.

Once Jean, tried to pick the titan up, her head snapped towards Levi, her eyes silently begging him to say something. He just raised an eyebrow and began to smirk as a look of betrayal crossed her face. She then something very unexpected. She swatted Jean's hand away. Her hand coordination had gotten much better recently.

"Why you little-" Jean started but was interrupted,

"Princess, what's wrong?" Hanji asked, getting on her knees in front of the titan, once again making a very great deal of Gaia's opinion. The female titan looked at Levi, almost longingly, while he looked at her in pure amusement. He knew her body language better than anyone else and understood completely what she wanted but he could not feel the need to tease her by pretending to not understand what she wanted. Adding the effect, he turned away from her and reached over his desk and picked up some mission reports. Her mouth fell open in disbelief, he struggled to contain a chuckle while pretending to skim through the pages.

Somehow Jean managed to pick her up while she was distracted, and flung over his shoulder, he had always been much less gentle with her than everyone else. She had not even been bothered by it, she just struggled trying to get Levi's attention. Hanji watched the scene while smiling, Levi had not been known to be this playful, everyone else was so focused on Gaia, that were rarely noticing the amount of change she brought about in Levi. He just sat there smirking while pretending to read the papers, glancing up every now and then, slyly at the girl trying to get his attention. She squirmed on Jean's shoulder, reaching her arms out to Levi. What intrigued Hanji the most is that the titan girl started making groaning like sounds while begging with her eyes to stay where she was. Hanji understood what she wanted as well. So far from what she gathered, Levi, Jean and herself were the only ones who truly understood her. Armin tried his best, but could only pick up on whether or not she is learning when he is teaching her, whereas Eren, was nowhere near anyone else's level as whenever he tried she would coddle him with her motherly affection. Despite being in their regular forms, she still tried holding Eren and making him go to sleep or feeding him. Mikasa, from what everyone gathered, could not care less.

"Sheesh, stop squirming, I'll bring you back to your boyfriend later, come on you need to learn something," Jean said, Gaia made her noise louder, which made Hanji have an idea: how much further was the titan willing to go?

"That's right, lets go!" Hanji exclaimed, walked over and opened the door to leave. Gaia went silent as Jean made his way to the door, that's when a soft timid voice was heard,

"L-Le-v-vi?" it struggled out.

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