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Frank was slowly beginning to put the pieces together. The run he'd been on just last week with the Russians and the Serpents went south, the Russians turned on an ally club, the Saints' allied club. For the rest of the Saints it was shocking the Russians did something like that but, now that Frank understood Charlie's situation, it was no longer shocking why it happened and why the Russians have been causing trouble for the rest of the clubs allies.

"You know, don't you?" Charlie suddenly asked while they were on their break, sitting in the back. Charlie had noticed Frank's sudden silence, well, she noticed that he was more silent than usual. Frank's gaze turned to hers and he blinked a few times. Charlie sighed heavily. "I've already gotten plenty of earfuls from my brother, he's been telling me all about the trouble the Russians are causing them, because of me."

Frank leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "All he's gotta do is release the devil and the situation would be done and dealt with," he nearly growled. For some reason, the thought of her being in danger angered him deeply, it filled him with such a burning fire it frightened him yet also drove him.

Charlie grinned widely, chuckling. "Well, you and I both know Fury likes to deal with things kindly first. Even as kids he was always like that. It would've been shocking if he suddenly changed."

Frank scoffed and leaned back, crossing his arms over his chest. "What I can't believe," he began, leaning towards her yet again, staring directly into her eyes, giving her the perfect view of his steel grey eyes. "Is that you--" he said, pointing to her. "Killed Mikhailov's son."

The sudden memory flashed her mind and her eyes went wide, her face losing all it's color. "Self defense," she whispered, her head falling. His chest suddenly felt heavy and he soon felt bad for even bringing it up. "It was self defense," she said weakly, her eyes watering.

He sighed deeply, rolling his eyes at his foolish behavior. He placed a hand on her shoulder. "You think the Saints' Devil is gonna judge you for killing a man?" he asked, scoffing. "I've killed more men than I can count. You'll stay out of this mess, for good. Ya hear?"

She lifted her head and looked up at him, a few tears rolling down her already red cheeks. His shoulders went tense but he stayed still and looked her directly in the eye. In her sad state she suddenly reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. His entire body went completely stiff, his eyes wide. He couldn't remember the last time someone hugged him. It'd easily been years and the sudden feel of it startled him.

"Thank you," she whispered, crying softly now.

He sighed heavily and placed a hand on her back, patting it lightly. Since when did he get to be such a softy? He couldn't believe the fact he was sitting here comforting a woman, a woman who wanted to be his friend desperately, a woman who now lives in his shop and works in it, and a woman who is his friend's sister. "Enough of your shit," he told her quietly. "You got a job to do."

She laughed weakly and pulled away from him, grinning like a little kid. "You're right," she said, wiping her tears with the back of her hand, sniffling slightly. She stood slowly, just barely towering over his frame as he remained seated. She continued to smile, placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned down and kissed the side of his mask, leaving him frozen still. "Don't go and do something reckless. I'd hate to lose my best friend."

Giggling to herself, she skipped over to her station, leaving him sitting there, completely dumbfounded and lost for words. No woman, hardly any of the whores in the clubhouse too, ever came close to him because of his mask. If the whores did, they only sucked his dick and scurried off afterward but she just voluntarily kissed his mask, the mask that had burned itself into his enemies minds and left them mentally insane afterward. The mask that many saw in their last moments of life, the mask that scared anyone and everyone, the mask that even scared his own brothers most of the time. And she, a small, curvaceous woman just hugged him and kissed his mask.

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