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Titus' POV
Everyone was dead. Rouges laid on the field with blood pooling at their head from their eyes. Brody snapped at Adrian's now dead wolf and tore his neck out. Josh laid dead next to Jacob's wolf. The pain of our dying warriors settled down in my chest.

I ran to Sophia and turned her around so that she was on her back.

"Come on Sophia you cant die," I whisper to her. I felt the pain that went through her body course through mine. It was absolute torture. What I felt was only a fragment of what she felt.

"Titus she's still alive but not for long. The wave of energy knocked the rouge back before he could inject everything in but you need to close your link if you're going to help her," Elizabeth said kneeling down next to us.

"You won't be able to tell where she's hurting," I spit out. It grew worse. It was spreading everywhere.

"I know where she's hurting. Silver spread through blood fast so right now I need you to stop being so arrogant and listen to me," she raises her voice at the last part. I let out a growl and she waved her hand and a sharp pang went through my head.

"You may be Alpha but you have no idea how to help Sophia right now so you need to listen to me. Close your link so I can pull enough silver out of her body so she can survived." Survive that means she could die. A pain washed over me that was self induced. If she dies I'll be alone again. I love her too much to lose her. I'm supposed to die first. Sophia will know what to do if I die. But I don't. She would keep on living but I would be alive but dead inside.

I force myself to close my link. The pain faded from my body slowly until I couldn't feel her pain anymore. I look up at Elizabeth and gave her nod.

She nodded and held her hands in front of the injection wound chanted something. Her eyes began to glow as her hands started to shake. I took this moment to notice how terrible shape Sophia was in. Cuts lined her arms and legs and strangle marks around her neck. Her clothes were in pieces and other marks that had already been healed.

My wolf wanted revenge but everyone was already dead. My head began to ache as he forced himself out of me. I let out a growl as I push him back into my mind.

"Sophia is dying and I swear if you don't pull yourself together I'll never let you out again," I growl at him. He lets out a snarl and goes back into my mind.

Liquid began to pour out of Sophia. The silver was mixed in with her blood. Elizabeth's hands dropped and her eyes stopped glowing. All the surviving warriors had surrounded us. Brody and Jacob we're ordering them around.

Sophia's injection wound closed up. Her breathing was still shallow. I placed my hand on her neck and felt her faint hard working, trying to keep her alive.

"You need to get her to your pack hospital now. Tell you doctor to pump her with fluids and keep her asleep. I'll catch up to you but you need to leave now," she orders. My wolf's pride was taken down a notch as we followed her orders.

"Shift and I'll secure her to you," she orders again. I stifled a growl from my wolf as I shift. My bones cracked to form a new form. She carried Sophia onto my back and I felt a pressure around my body.

"She won't fall off but you need to leave now," Elizabeth said. I nodded and signaled for Brody's to Jacob to follow me.

"Nikolai make sure you get everyone back safely," I ordered as I started running towards the border of their "pack lands."

"Yes Alpha," he responds. I easily and swiftly dodge the traps and make it out of the barrier. I couldn't focus on anything but getting Sophia back safely. I would have to pass through Terry's land in order to shave a few minutes off the time.

We crossed the borders and I instantly heard shouting. Border control was on our tail but were too slow compared to and Alpha. I saw a familiar wolf, James' wolf. He ran beside us in the forest then exerted himself and used his energy and sped up. He slowly merged in front of us and turned around.

"Jacob," I order. I felt a breeze go by as Jacob leaped into the air. James jumped up into the air and I ran underneath him. I looked back and Jacob had pounded James back on the ground. A gamma beating a beta. That's how I train them.

He pulled away from the fight and came back to Brody and I I saw the other edge of the border where Terry stood with warriors.

"How the hell are we going to pass them," Brody growled.

"Just follow my lead," I replied. As we got closer, Terry's wolf dug it's feet into the ground. As they charged at us, I diverted right and they chased us. As they turned away from the border I turned a sharp left and quickly got past their border.

I heard them let out a roar as we ran deeper into the forest. My legs weren't tired even though they should have been. I saw our pack border near.

"Doctor Jenny you need to bring out a stretcher for Sophia and three pairs of shorts. I need you outside in 4 minutes," I tell her.

"Yes Alpha," she responded. We near the pack hospital and I lay down on the ground and let Sophia roll off slowly. I caught my breath and stuck my ear near her nose. She was still alive.

Doctor Jenny ran outside and threw the clothes in the ground carried Sophia on the stretcher quickly. I shift back and pull the shorts on quickly.

"She's about to die. You need to pump fluids into her to wash out the silver in her body," I tell her.

"Elizabeth is already here she already told me what to do but I think one of you border control found someone," she told me. I nod and let her take Sophia.

"Stay with her I'm going to check who tried to trespass," I told Brody. "And Jacob go check on Tala." They both nod and I take off in a sprint to the dungeons.

"Alpha Doctor Jones came back while you were gone," one of the warriors informed me. I nod and walk at the end of the hallway.

"Alpha," she gasped as she ran and grabbed onto the bars. I broke the cell door and grabbed her by her neck and pinned her on the wall.

"Why the hell are you here," I growl at her. She lets out a raspy breath as I held her tighter.

"I'm sorry Alpha. I shouldn't have betrayed you. I know how to defeat them," she gasps.

"Too late," I snarl. I break her neck in a swift motion and let her body fall to the ground. I walked out of the cell and passed the guards.

"Titus you're supposed to tell the elders before you kill a pack member," Mason said coming down to the dungeons. I let out a scoff and walk past him.

"Endangering the Luna, attempt murder of the Luna, traitor do I need to go on or is attempting to murder the Luna not enough." He stayed silent and I continued walking out. "Now if you'll excuse me I have to see if Sophia is okay."
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